So, what is your holiday destination?

Is your holiday destination a difficult question? There are so many incredible choices to make …

Want to walk through sleepy villages, or enjoy a cool drink on a cool terrace after you have been gaping at the sights in the hippest city of … Whatever on the Othersideoftheworld? Is your well deserved rest up to an exciting travel adventure to combat daily stress, away from the beaten track in a virtually undiscovered area in Callitwhatever … to be able to discover the best kept secrets of the pure, pristine beaches and other undiscovered pearls?

Want to fall from one surprise into the other?

Want to do things that really should not be missing from your list?

All those things that you “should not forget” and “especially should not skip” always seem to me to be quite tiring

They come here too, those holiday makers. At night they go early to bed, because tomorrow morning it’s up early. Then when I see them again, early in the evening, they’ve worked through a whole list, enough for a few days. And the next day they’re off again!

They stay only four nights, because they’re doing a round trip of three weeks. “Adolescents, eh? they want everything …” – while it very much looks like that these teenagers would actually like nothing better than hanging out and surfing the Internet. Okay then, maybe once on the ocean …

They’re really enjoying themselves silly … lovely lovely lovely

Now of course everybody has to do just what they feels like, please, it is vacation, but it seems exhausting to me. I prefer to think of …. waking up when you wake up, just lying there listening to the the birds, while replaying your dream, getting up in your bathrobe, cup of coffee in the sun and a nice fresh bun to go with it (thanks hostess!) …. then a nice book, and then just see what happens next.

There are also those kind of guests, but they tend to apologize. That they are just sitting there reading in their lazy chair. That they just are just hanging out. That they have actually not seen, done or visited anything. They do not have to excuse themselves to me though, I look at it with pleasure. I think: “You’re right to unwind. Do as you please and do what you feel like!”

It is nice if you’re in an environment where you can do things – if you want

Because yes, we have all kind of things to offer, you see! We have a hospitable population that will receive you in a tsunami of kindness with a warmth very reminiscent of home. We are the inventors of the melancholy fado so – good morning!

We have breath-taking views,picturesque streets in sleepy villages, eye-pleasing scenery (many different scenery’s), seemingly endless beaches with authentic fishermen who like to strike up a conversation with you, and beautifully wild grape vines overgrowing ancient walls.

All kinds of stuff to do, if you want …

You can go kite-surfing, lie in your trunks & bikinis on the beach, jump with a Tarzan like leap from a meters high pine tree in the sky garden, shop till you drop in a super modern shopping mall and gaze in awe at the amazing mosaics in the nearby Roman settlement. And so much more …

I say: why not cut the chord? Portugal is nearby and is the safest country in Europe and there really are many very friendly people here. All in all a good choice!



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