Washing machine

Sometimes some things break down.

That is an understatement. A euphmemism. Things break down all the time. In a normal household a clumsy teenager tears a door knob of the door. Sometimes a ball is thrown through a window. The boiler stops working. Father slips on the shower mat and pulls the medicine cabinet of the wall. The drill only works when you first shake it a little.

You get the point.


In the Termas-da-Azenha it is a bit more than in a normal household. We have 9 households here. Also: we get a lot of people around, who all have their own pragmatic intelligence to get things done.

Keep it simple

Some of them even have trouble doing the simplest things. Like opening the curtains. I once found a crooked rail in a room, with the curtain torn and half on the floor. No teenagers or children, it was a respectable middle-aged couple that had occupied the room.

In fact, quite clever, if you are able to do that. A rail is strong – I didn’t succeed in bending it straight again, anyway. And I never got those hooks at the end off without a screwdriver. Quite an accomplishment, if you ask me. Not one I’m very pleased with, but that is another matter.

Ask me

And if you ask me, it’s also true, that things themselves have their own character and intelligence. One thing or tool is better and lives longer than another one. The mondaymorning ones, those that don’t work as they should. Whatever it is that they should do – they’re just lazy, reluctant, weak or downright mean. And there are also very faithful things, they go on untill they really can’t anymore.

Washing machine

Last week one of our washing machines broke down. It was there for as long as I could remember. A faithful one. Indispensable too. His collegue is ok as well, but he takes twice as long for the same program. The broken one is my favorite.

In winter it is not such a big deal, but …. something should be done. If there’ s no pressure, that can take a while. There still is the other machine, so we can wash our clothes – time enough to contemplate about it. This is how that goes:

1. For how long it’s here?  (no idea anymore)

2. Where did I buy it?  (no idea anymore)

If I have an answer to those basic questions, I can go back to the store with the receipt. Then it is for them. Pity. Not the case.

Next step in the procedure.

3. Could it be repaired? (no idea)

4. If so, who could do that? (no idea)

After that point, I start looking around, asking around and considering options. I took the lid off, to have a look, but a washing machine is a rather complicated thing and I have no idea how and where everything should be. So, that really means that I have to find somebody who can.

Repair when you can

A lot of things are being repaired in Portugal. Still. It’s less, and those handy know-it-all-men are much more scarce, but still a lot is being repaired. Surely, my favorite washing machine is worth the trouble!

I found a handy know-it-all-man. Fantastic! He works for a small shop, they sell electrodomésticos  – one of the survivors of the supermarket offensive.

And look, my favorite is back! For 85 euro he can wash for years again. It’s a doll, this one. I would not like to live without him – it’s a reliable good character.

Case closed. Next!