Volunteers leave their clothes

There is a  cardigan hanging in the adega. It’s there for years. It belongs to young Bart. The addition is to distinguish the various Barts I know – friend Bart, Bart the writer, Old Bart, Bart Engine and nephew Bart.
(Good name, Bart. With that name, you are always welcome!)




Everybody leaves something

That cardigan hangs there just fine. If Bart’s back, he puts it on, and when he leaves, I find it somewhere. Then I hang it back in the adega, where it belongs. And I can walk by it, and think about the willow tree we took down under his supervision, or the camping trips he and my youngest son would undertake ….

It is full of memories here. All the people who have helped, and left things. Specially volunteers, friends and family. Guests usually leave fewer traces – they generally take everything with them. They enjoy what is, and go again.

Volunteers, friends, family do and leave plenty. When I walk through the village, I walk along the things they made or repaired: the router of Kors, the door of Anneke, the curtains of Astrid, the painted wall of Miguel, the mosaic of Mary and the paintings by Emile, Ilse, Jela.

Living with shadows

I find it very pleasant to live with all those shadows. If I check the water of the pool, I can see Ferry on the rocky ground,  looking for a indispensable part of the compressor that fell in a puddle – the reason why we did not dig deeper, but made a wall upwards instead.

Or the memory of a moonlit night when we did an emergency cleaning of the pool. We were on the bottom of the empty pool with about 10 people – volunteers, my sons and their friends, some guests – all laughing and joking around ….

Or another time when Judith and I were preparing the pool for the season, and cleaned it in the hot sun with some swinging music. Cleaning, dancing and sweating around.

The cardigan even went on a holiday, when Bart and my youngest son Broes went on a camping trip. They went late in the afternoon and were back early in the morning. It was a big success ….

In addition to the visible, there are also the invisible, very warm memories of so many great people who have contributed to the success of the Termas.

That cardigan hangs there just fine. It’s a promise for the future.