Tiles tiles tiles

Where do all these tiles actually come from?

An interesting question, which is often asked by people. I have about five places where I store my tiles. In total I have about 40 square metres of tiles. Now I ask myself the question more often: where do I leave all these tiles?

I´m greedy, at least when it comes down to tiles

Last week a friend came over to visit. She is just as crazy as I am, at least about mosaic. So we started a new one. After Astrid made the prince**, we ran into a challenge. Not enough pink tiles for the background.

So we’ll have to go to to the tile factory.

I believe this will be about the tenth time we went there. It has always been my favorite factory, but it has been abandoned for several years. Things went wrong for them, and they went bankrupt. All their stock was sold, all but the  leftover site which is still there. It’s still my favorite site though.


Digging for treasure between colored tiles

In the meantime everything is in ruin, they turned into large slippery mountains of tiles. All the large halls are empty, very different from about 5 years ago. Then forklifts were driving through the halls in-between brand new tiles, loading them on trucks. You couldn’t just  walk in, you needed authorisation.

I quickly became became good friends with the engineer

We met when I showed him some of my earliest work. It made him enthusiastic, and he always let me take some of the coloured tiles for a steal. Later he also let me take tiles from the leftover site. The name says it all, there are still some to this day (think a few pallets of about 3 metres high each). They´ll never get rid of all the leftovers, well except to crazy people like me.

The engineer once had several red tiles baked for me. He had to do it somewhat in secret, because he wanted to met in a cafe nearby – apparently nobody could see it. I thought that was very sweet! It was an emergency, since we needed red tiles, tiles which aren’t made very often. Go and see how many red  tiled bathrooms there are?




Sometimes I think back to all those pallets with notes on them: for Dubai, the United Emirates, Denmark

Sometimes I think it’s this generosity that made them go bankrupt. But hey, I do have a lot of tiles, but still not enough!

Always too few, you’ll always see. We still had to go there to get pink tiles.

A good excuse …. So much fun to go digging for treasure.


** Inspiration: the tale of Eliza and the 11 swans.


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