Single arrangement


Ok, so you’re a single woman. Again, or still, or unvoluntarily, or long-wished-for, or whatever the reason is … 

Or you’re in a relationship, but you want to go away on your own. Just a little time for yourself. 

Both ways it’s fine. You might be interested in this single arrangement.

single arrangement

Time for yourself, but not to be by yourself, completely alone. Instead, you could book a week with us, being in the company of other women of more or less your age and in your range of interest.

Enjoy our offer for a week, stay with a group of max 9 people, in your own room with private bathroom. If you want to join the program, fine. If not, also fine.


It’s all-inclusive: stay, meals, activities, even with a massage of aproximately an hour also included.

But it’s not an all-inclusive like the normal ones. It is not beige luxury. It’s another type of luxury, that one that lets you go deeper than you’re used to, that leads you to unexpected paths, that enables you to engage in surprising encounters and unforseen abilities you have.

the program:

1 – arrival, happy hour, dinner, introductions

2 – hiking tour (about 16 km)

3 – mosaic workshop (take your work of art home)

4 – continuing mosaic workshop and/or massages

5 – visiting Coimbra

6 – massages and leisure day: mini golf, masterclass archery, a game of volleyball

7 – last day of finishing mosaics, making a tour, massages

8 – departure, breakfast with goodbyes

You have only two chances to book for this relaxing week-on-your-own: from 14 – 20/5, or 29/6 – 6/7. The first week you can see the fireflies at night, smell the blossom of the orange trees and in general the eucalyptus trees, and enjoy nice temperatures (about 22º C.)and lots of sun hours in an informal and gentle atmospere. The second week is more for sun- and warmth lovers. It is SUMMER in Portugal, and sunshine is guaranteed!


The mineral water of the Termas is good for your skin. This used to be a medical spa, and 40 years ago you could see a lot of people taking baths here, under supervision of a dermatologist and a medical staff.

A visit to the market on sundaymorning in Louriçal. A typical portuguese experience.

You can join our daily meditation from 9:30 – 10:00 for free.

The chance to expand your network, without doing anything more then relaxing and chatting during meals or activities.

Take your exclusive work of art home. Something that has an emotional value, as well as an artistic one.

You can experiment with our offer of exclusive bathrobes, and order your own. We have a small collection of unique pieces, that you can try on in a special fitting room in the old bathhouse. We have written a blog about it.



14 – 21 of May, 29 of June – 6 of July, and the other week from 1 – 8 of October: 339€ / 299£, extra days 30€ / 25£ each.**

Included: stay, meals, a hiking tour, a moscaic workshop plus material, a visit to Coimbra, a massage & a welcome drink. All travel expences are your own.

If you need help with booking your fly & drive, or with finding the right train, we are happy to help you.

If you have questions, or if you are enthusiastic to make the reservation right away: just send a mail to 

You can of course have a look on our Facebookpage first, or read our blogs, to get an impression of how it is here. There is a special blog about a week like this.

Até logo – we hope to see you in May or June!.


**These dates are not fixed. We're flexible for you to find a favourable flight. One or two days off is no problem for us! We ask a downpayment of half of the amount as a guarantee for both parties.

If you cancel 1 month before, you'll get your money back, minus 15€ / 10£ administration costs. If you cancel 2 weeks before, we'll refund 60% of your downpayment. If you cancel 1 week before, we'll refund 20% of your downpayment. After that there will be no refund of your downpayment.

Hi Ellen, what a wonderful idea!

This year I have planned my holidays already, but if it’s a success, you certainly will organize it next year again, and then I will be there!

Big hug, Madelon