A week to enjoy and relax

Fly to Porto, start in Casa Traca to hike in the mountains, go to Termas-da-Azenha to make your own work of art in mosaic and round it all off in Porto. Or do it the other way around – everything is possible!


You can choose from three weeks in spring and three weeks in autumn.

In spring you already can enjoy all the flowers and the lovely weather. The orangetrees are blooming and that smells delicious, just like the eucalyptusforests. There are fireflies at night, which brings a fairytale-like atmospere. The temperature is stable above 20º but it’s not too warm.

You already can swim, play with the waves in the ocean, go for a day of canoeing on the Mondego, enjoy the beauty of Coimbra and Conimbriga. Coimbra has the oldest university in Europe, and because the portuguese are such nice people in general, you will certainly have a good time there. Conimbriga is even older, those are Roman ruins with beautifully preserved mosaics.

It’s nice and quiet everywhere (exept in Lisbon – nº 1 in city destinations nowadays all year round).

You can hike, sit on a terrace and watch people, sit by the pool and read a book – wonderfully relaxed.

In autumn it’s still pleasant because everything still is covered by the summer heat. Everything you already can do in spring, you still can do in autumn..

Choose your week:

Tuesday to tuesday 10 -17 April;

Friday to friday 04 – 11 May;

Thursday to thursday 21 – 28 June

Monday to monday 03 – 10 September

Saturday to saturday 15 – 22 September

Wednesday to wednesday 03 – 10 October

It may also differ (a bit) from these data, but during these weeks you have the chance of meeting equal minded people and we”ll be running the program. When it comes to work or airline tickets, you can easily arrive a day earlier or later. No problem. We are flexible. And everything goes with availability, so send a mail right now!

We’ll answer right away.