Thank you for your good ratings!

Sometimes, on days like today, when the clouds touch the ground, and everything is gray …. if it’s drizzling when you get up and you know it will be like that all day …. if you’re almost slipping on the slick doorstep …. when you step into a puddle when you go get the bread, and you get a wet shoe …. if you know you have to do the bookkeeping today (really the best thing you ever can do, haha) ….. when the computer is very slow and clearly doesn’t feel like working today …. when finally the mail appears with a disappointing reply of a potential guest, and although she has taken the trouble to mail (thank you), but the message that they are going somewhere else is not the thing I like to read, especially now …

then you sometimes think: oooooooooo, why do I do all this for?

Then sometimes you need to breathe deeply.

At such a time, I’m looking for solace. I’m thinking things like: there are millions of people around the world who have it much worse than you, my dear, shame on you – you have a good life!
It helps a little.

I open Facebook, and suddenly I read this:

“It’s been quite a few years ago, but we had wonderful time!”
To which her now adult daughter replied: “What a nice vacation that was (emoji: little heart) really enjoyed it”

Deep sigh.

After that a Very Good Review from recent campers on the mail


They had booked two nights, stayed for three, and rated us with nines and tens. They especially liked the baths: “As if you take a bath in the past.”




Right after that, also on Facebook, another comment on one of my experiments a few weeks ago: a blog, read on video. Beneath the video I read:

“My wife and I stopped here in august, had a quick tour with Audrey (volunteer?) and a couple of drinks in the shade. Beautiful and peaceful place.

I am from around here, used to do that walk with a few neighbours from the train station to our town untill the age of 16 when I left.
Alltough I don’t go there twice or even once a year: like most immigrantes in Euro countries.
I am, and will be to the end, part of this amazing puzzle of towns that surround Vinha da Rainha.
My mother is the LAR (old people’s home), there’s her house and abandoned properties.
I don’t take to Facebook too often but I felt your sinceraty and humbliness adressing this issue, that was never an issue with you, kill two birds with one stone.

Congratulations – sign me up; looking forward to spend a few days there in the near future.
Also I want to kill one more bird with this stone..
You had a vision when others build new mansions up high on hills.
Many like to look down on people. They know who they are.

This place is amazing and with the new hotel within walking distance.
The vast land – wow!
The fields, I love this place.
I promote it and would invest in it.
Best wishes……this Portughese/canadian citizen (not imigrante do Canada for the ones that make that mistake)
When I visited, your portugese is better than most locals and very poetic.”

It is already a lot better. A watery sun broke through.

The worst has passed.


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