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Harambee – de mandala

You become a member of a whatsapp group in which you can share your dream, your efforts, doubts, insights, quotes, and whatnot. With lots of positive energy and love. I had to get used to it, but I now see its meaning – it is part of the whole philosophy behind it.
Support in fulfilling your dream. Keep eachother high.

The other decisive reason for joining was the African Roots: once in a while, “it’s your turn” – which means that a group of women (because the origin is women’s solidarity) will be cleaning at your home, fix things – they bring money and food, and at the end of the day you’ll be as new again.
Next time, it’s done for another member of the group, and so forth. And of course that happens with lots of chatter and laughter – and it gives everyone confidence.

Harambee still exists in Kenya, writes M., participant of the Mandala, married to a Kenyan man. That means if you have a hospital bill you can’t pay, school fees, a sudden death of your partner leaving you behind with 4 children, the community, friends and family put together money to help you. Knowing … that if you are in trouble, this also happens the other way round. “Knowing” because it’s a certain thing, it’s normal for everyone. Community spirit, shared energy, support. solidarity. 

No hierarchical way of living together, but supporting. You could call it feminine, but there are just as well men who easily go with it. Just as there are enough women stuck in hierarchical thinking. 

We know it as well. We call it family care, or voluntary work – but the core of the case is that there are a lot of people motivated to do something for someone else. And that makes the world go around. 

I think we have to go through other ways in this time. The “old-man-way” is passé. (so I call it to myself, thinking for example of people like Trump. Greedy, selfish, egocentric, top-down, indifferent to what’s happening to the rest of the world.) 

A revolution is not the answer, it’s been tried so many times already. This is a very soft way. As if you melt a pyramid of sugar by pouring water at the foot. 

The last consideration to join or not was: “You run the risk of losing 150 euros. Affordable. Better than you think later, shoot, if I just had …” 

Here is the technical section: 

A mandala consists of 4 rings:
the outer ring contains 8 fire participants
The next ring consists of 4 air participants
The next ring is 2 earth participants
The core of the mandala is 1 water participant
and there are 3 elders

You start
as a fire. Your task as a fire participant is to transfer 150 euros as a gift to the water core. It’s nice if you load this gift with support and love.

Once there are 8 fire participants, the mandala is complete and split into two.
You then slide a circle. You are then an air attendant.
As an air attendant you have the task of finding 2 new fire participants.


If you have trouble, the other air attendees will help find new fires. You do not have to do this alone.
As soon as there are a total of 8 fire participants, the mandala is complete again, splits up again and you slide a circle more inwards. You are then a earth participant, together with one other.
As an earth participant, you help your brothers and sisters in your mandala and prepare to be the coming – only – waterwoman. Helping can also mean that you (out of enthusiasm) are still looking for new fires, or people continue to inspire and support the spread of the good news.
As soon as 8 more fires have joined, the mandala is again complete and splits again. You move to the last position. The center position of water. The 8 new fires all make up the 150 euro gift. A contribution to realizing your dream.
In total, you receive 1,200 €, and you pay 600 € to your original water core, the same person to whom you paid your investment gift of 150 €.

With this the mandala is complete and you step out to make room for new water cores. Then you are Elder.
After a while, the fire participants who have donated their 150 € investment gift are in the center position, the inner circle called water. These waterwomen and -men, in turn, receive 1,200 € of which they pay 600 €. You will receive 8 x 600 € = 4.800 €, plus the 600 € you received from the fires of your original mandala.

So there are a lot of people involved, and that’s exactly the purpose. The more people in this way of living together, the better.
It’s not just about the money – although it’s usually an indispensable part of dreaming – but equally important is the growing awareness of “if you help someone, that’s an effort well spent”. It’ll come back to you.

That’s wise selfish behaviour. 🙂
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