Security, a little less please?

They don’t even respect the sunday”, she conludes her little moan about the hunters she encoutered on her daily walk, “I’d like some security when I walk somewhere.” Adrienn is hungarian and a small woman, she’s only 1.56 tall. She’s staying with us to volunteer for a month.

She loves to go for a walk at the end of the day, and doesn’t mind that it is getting dark early.

But now she’s afraid that they will shoot her, by accident of course

And she was proud she prevented a killing in her presence: “I distracted those dogs so much, they were all barking at me, so that little rabbit probably got away.”

We are in the kitchen, I am cooking dinner. I am proud of her, but I know hunting is a very important thing around here:

“Yeah, the only thing that makes me understand this hunting thingy is that they eat what they shoot. Not like that stupid dentist that shot that lion last summer. You heard of that?”

Yes, of course Adrienn had heard – half of the world knows about the killing of Cecil the lion, and hopefully that dentist is still obliged to live in hiding. “Pleasure hunting, what is so pleasurable about that?”

“Guys with weapons, what is it that they like that so much?”

Obviously, we are not the killing type

We don’t like weapons, it is not an item in our world at all. But for Adriann there’s something more – because she’s not so big, and a very peace loving person, everybody with a weapon is even more threatening.

“The worst thing is at the airports. Those guards are so big, they’re huge, and they are always in a bad mood, it seems. I am very afraid of them – they carry even bigger guns now, after the attacks in Paris and Brussels.” I can imagine that if you are half their size in height and even less in weight – heck, if you’re almost as big as their gun, you’re afraid of those guys.

“They are not nice at all, I don’t understand why”, she says, “And they always refer to the rules.”

“Yes, why can’t they remove you from your place with a smile and a civilized request to do so?”

Adrienn has to laugh about my remark, but it triggers a memory: “We were once removed from a spot on the airport …. I don’t remember exactly where it was, a small airport somewhere, and there was no-one there. Only those two immense guards, and we couldn’t stay where we were because of The Rules. It was a nice spot, quiet and a bit darker …. we had hoped that we could sleep a bit. But no, The Rules and The Men didn’t allow it.


We could be terrorists, we had to be somewhere where they could see us. As if I could be a terrorist. Not very likely.” She laughs at the idea.

Adrienn has travelled a lot, and mostly on a small budget. That’s a recipe for adventures

Now I am a bit doubtful. “Yes, well, you know, they are not hired for their sense of humor. They are hired to protect us. Those terrorists, they don’t play by the rules, so in fact, you could be an ideal candidate. Nobody would suspect you indeed.” We’re both laughing out loud at the idea of Adrienn with a backpack full of TNT.

“Do you fly from Porto, when you go?”

I ask, and she confirms: “Yes, and I have to go the night before, because my flight is very early. I will stay on the airport during the night.

“O, then you’re lucky! Porto is a very nice airport! I don’t know about the security guys, but there’s a special corner where you can stay very comfortably.” Now I am enthousiastic. Didn’t think about it much anymore, but the last time I flew, I had to go very early as well. And because we share a car, my son and I, and he needed the car the next day, I went by train. In the middle of the night.

It’s not such a disaster when you have to wait for 6 hours on an airport, but still, it’s not something you look forward to. 

Porto airport had some nice surprises

I already liked it, because it’s small, modern and beautifully designed, the metro stops right in front, and you can get a decent coffee for a reasonable price. Once, there was live music – a trio with piano, cello and guitar, playing nice music! A great way of leaving, and even a better way of coming in!

“The best thing to encounter in that corner are the comfy chairs. You can put your legs up. It’s inbetween a comfy chair and a bed. Table next to it. Free wifi. And around 2 they dim the lights, so you can sleep a little.” I am still surprised by the service of the Sá Carneiro airport.

In the mean time, dinner is ready. “With this good news, and with this good meal – if I say so myself, you’ll forget your angst about the hunters. And it’s sunday night, it’s quiet for a few days. They may hunt on thursday and sunday. Only.”

Adrienn looks relieved

“Perfect! Then I’m going to read my book on thursday and sunday … and I can make my walks on the other days!”

All solved. She can go for a walk, they can shoot to kill.

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