Regular guests from the big city

When they arrived for the first weekend, he was in a neat shirt, she on super high heels, I thought: “Curious how long it takes before they come back and say it’s not for them.” Especially the high heels are very uncomfortable here, with the typical portuguese pavement. Or high heels in the grass behind the room, or in the gravel by the pool – not such a success either.

Later I reprimanded myself: “You see, my dear? Never judge right away, there’s always more than you think. “- because the high heels were gone, and they stayed for another night. And then another night.

The next Friday evening she called: “Olá, boa tarde, aqui a moça de Figueira. We’ve been with you last weekend, is the room free this weekend?”

It’s quite normal, by the way, to call yourself “moça” or another woman “menina”, even if you approach ninety. It is a sweet way to indicate someone; it is always meant to be friendly.

“Their” room is guest room 4. A large covered terrace, so always shelter from the rain or the sun


They were lucky that weekend, even though she called last minute. This was really a last-minute booking, an hour later they were there. The following weekend the room was not free, and they went to Casa Oliveira. The weather was still warm but there was a little drizzle, so there you are nice and dry on the veranda. Not as big as room 4 but additional benefit: the kitchen is inside.

In the meantime they have been coming every weekend for two months; speaking of regular guests!

And they are the best guests that you can wish for. They come specially to rest and to escape the craziness of the city. Just imagine: actually you’re a rural type, but you’re forced to live in the city.

That seems terrible to me.

I come from the big city of Rotterdam, and have always lived there with great pleasure

Thirty-nine years. The city has many advantages. You go visit each other, you go to the theater, film, library, concerts, events, markets – you name it. It happens there, and you can join everything you want. All kinds of shops and supermarkets you can dream of, and if you want to be in “nature”, you just go to a park.

After years in the country side of Portugal, with all that space around me and a whole village to live in, it seems a punishment to me. My sister has the same thing. She lived in the centre of Rotterdam, a real city girl, and then went to live in the countryside. Everyone shouted that she would come crawling back.

But no: “I’ll never go back again. Okay, never say never, only if it would be ab-so-lu-te-ly necessary, but otherwise I’ll stay nice & cosy between the chickens and the horses, thank you! “


I suspect that our regular guests would prefer to do the same – away from the big city, nice & cosy in the outdoors

Who knows. Meanwhile, it seems that they’re having a good time here.

We had a chat the other day, and I told her that my son Broes and I would go away for a few days, and she responded with: “Oh, so then it will be closed?” By now they’re so at home, that I suggested that they can arrive on Friday night, pick up the key at a certain place, and get comfortable. They only have to switch on the water heater themselves.

The best guests that you can wish for. As the portuguese say:  ***** – cinco estrelas!


There are more people who prefer a laid-back and calm ambience

These guests also understand how things go around here. You can do everything you want, as long as you don’t get in the way of someone else. Feel at home, that’s the global idea. And when you come to the breakfast room in your pyama, I’m guessing you’re feeling at home.

Don’t you think?


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