There’s a wide range of things to do in the Termas-da-Azenha! You don’t need to be bored, look at what we offer as recreation for free:

Internetconnection – there’s internetconnection everywhere. Near the pools, at the village square, in the houses and rooms, and it’s free


Patio with the pools – filled with termas-water; separate pool for small children


Mosaiced terraces around the pools – there are about 6 places to sit with your family, all with gorgeous mosaics


FancyDressingRoom a whole room full of hats, wigs, high heels, cowboyboots, fancy dresses and much more


Librarymostly dutch and english books and magazines; boardgames


Musical instrumentspiano, guitar, ukelele, violin for children, some little drums and other percussion instruments





Pavillion – with Lego, Duplo and some more (small) children’s toys




Playroom with gamespingpong, foossball, pool, chess




And then there’s more, but not for free. Here you find the recreation services we provide on demand for a fee:

Meals – optional and on demand. You can indicate your preferences, allergies or dislikes. We cook mostly vegetarian, but we also do vegan, fish and meat. Adults: 10€, children till 6: 6€.







Café – soft drinks, beers (o.a. Belgian beer), wines (regional), ice cream for reasonable prices



Massagesrelaxing, sports, shiatsu, hotstone: 30€ for 45 min. to an hour; footmassage: 15€ for 20 minutes



Mosaic workshopmake your own design on a plate, a mirror, a bowl or on plasterboard. A day of mosaicing is so much fun, and you can take your artwork home as a souvenir. 40€ including materials. Wonderful recreation.


Bathrobes Termas-da-Azenha is the only B & B & B in the world. You can buy a bathrobe from the collection, and try it in our special fitting room in the Playroom in the old bathhouse. You can also order one made entirely to your needs and wishes, from fabric you really like. Have a look at our Bathrobe-page.



Laundry – put it all together in a bag, and we’ll wash it for you. 6,50€ per turn if you hang it yourself, 9€ if we hang it for you, and for 15€ we wash it, hang it and fold it.







 Archery track – only by appointment and with guidance. 10€ for 45 minutes. Lost arrows 5€.