Plans and planning

I love plans. Most of the time, the ideas fall out of the sky, and you just have to select. The beginning of something – in the dimension of our thoughts or fantasy is never difficult.

You can fall asleep in such a nice way dreaming about how it would be when …. if …. and that “when” or “if” can be anything.

Everything starts with a plan

It can be about your own life, how everything will change when you’re finally a Huge Success, and the whole world knows that you exist. It can be about changing a room, how much better you will sleep if the bed stands north-south instead of east-west. It can be about a lovely souffle, which you get from the oven and serve elegantly to a radiant group of people who just do not drop down in amazement that you can do that. And subsequently start dinner as if you are in a television series.

If you make plans, there’s always a lot of highly expecting anticipation. It will be nice, epic, beautiful, amazing, cozy, great, exciting, intimate, life changing even.

Plans are great.

… and then the planning starts

But when you make plans, and you want them to become reality, you’ll have to plan.

Ah! That is something completely different. Now we are frowning. Because: how do you do that, going from A to Z? How will you succeed in turning that big heavy bed around in that small room? Where will you find a good recipe for souffle? And who is coming for dinner?

Notice that I leave the first plan completely. That has so little realistic value, we even do not start with that one. It will never happen that the whole world knows that I exist.

For some plans it’s nice planning. Then there’s no gap, no doubt, no hesitation.

Heavy lifting with a piano

For example: I had this plan to move the piano to the new location of the library. Then everything would be together in the old bathhouse – pingpong, foossball, pool, library, Fancy-Dressingroom and the musical instruments (a guitar is not such a challenge to move).

Well …. talking about heavy things …. we hardly succeeded in lifting the thing from the ground, my son and me, let alone that we could move it all the way down to the bathhouse. And there the planning began, because it had to be. No rest untill this had become reality.

The sum of things

A friend of my son’s was back from France, and lives with us again. I made an appointment with “our” handyman, and he owns a pickup truck. The handyman would take his (strong) wife, so there we were: the friend, the couple, my son and me. That is 5 people, with muscles enough to lift the d… thing.

Tune in

Plans and planning were coming together very quickly and smoothly. The piano tuner will be here this afternoon, and then it’s ready to roll. Or to rock. Whatever you want.

Do you take your sheet music if you come on a holiday? We enjoy a good piece of (piano) music!

(By the way:  we also have a guitar and some little drums)