Only a small B&B

Dear Mrs Diana Kolster,

during this time of the year, I always upgrade guests to a house, if they book a double room in our small B&B.

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It is more comfortable, you have more space. There’s an indoor kitchen, you have a separate livingroom and you can put your suitcases in the children’s room. You can heat the livingroom, and sleep nice and cool in the bedroom. Enjoy the swing couch on the veranda.

This house – Casa Oliveira – has a big bathroom with a bath. Another plus.



(It is possible, so why not?)

So, this is what we did yesterday. Me and my team, three very nice young girls, cleaned the whole house. We swept the veranda, because it is still quite warm and maybe you want to enjoy the sun and the view, while sitting on the swing couch.

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We swept and mopped the big room in the bathhouse, where you will have your breakfast. It is a big room with 6 tables, lots of chairs, a cosy corner with a comfy couch, a pool table, pingpong and foossball. Everything was nice and clean.

Then we went outside, to get all the leaves out of the way. Quite some effort, because it is november, and they are coming all down. We swept the stairs. Cleaned the entrance of the reception.


(It took all morning with the four of us, chatting and giggling)

My son went to do some shopping and got the specialties I serve for breakfast.

I forgot my phone, so I went to get it. Ofcourse, guests are not obliged to announce their arrivaltime, so it can be from 2 o’clock in the afternoon. And some people have some trouble finding the way. Sometimes they forget to take the description and their gps doesn’t know the last bit. Sometimes they don’t have a gps. I have to have my phone with me, in case you call.

(I don’t know you yet, so I don’t know how you get about)

When it was dark, nobody had arrived yet. I closed the front door of the house, put on the lights and the heating, to provide a warm welcome for you.

Then I went to the kitchen to prepare our dinner.

I forgot my phone in the reception, so I went to get it.

We had dinner, all was very agreable. We had a good meal, we enjoyed the company, we had a good laugh. Afterwards I went back to the reception to do some computerwork while waiting, because you did not arrive yet.

(No sign, no signal)

You made the reservation through, already a while ago. doesn’t ask for any guarantee from the part of the guests. No downpayment, no creditcard, even not an adress or phonenumber. Nothing. It is completely free, to make it as easy as possible for you, our honorable guests-to-be.

Now, this is not a problem for This even might not be a problem for the big hotels, allthough I can’t imagine they like it very much if people don’t show up.

(But it is kind of a problem for us, small B&B’s)

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You probably really had the intention of going when you made the reservation.

And who knows what happened? Maybe you had an unforeseen event in your life – it’s possible.

Most of the time though, people just have a change of heart. That is what experience tought me anyway. I apologize if you had an unforseen thing and couldn’t go anywhere.

I would like to ask you: next time, when you know that you’re not coming, please cancel.



pity, you missed this

(It’s quite easy. Just take one minute and click a few buttons)

I would appreciate it very much. For us, it makes the difference between hours of work, spending money for nothing and waiting for no-one.

Thank you, and we all hope you have a nice holiday (elsewhere).

With sunny greetings, the TermasTeam