Neuroscience for dummies

… Good morning …. okay …. allright …. it’s already pretty busy in here ….

So, let’s see, what do I want to do today?

The first thing you have to do every morning after waking up, is to get used to the world again. Good morning! Who am I? Where am I? Same planet? How did it go again? I taught myself to first say “good morning” – to no one in particular, but it is a good start.


That “good morning” is loaded with:

so, we’re back, that’s really something special, there are millions of people in the world who will not wake up. It is a good thing to realize that. It gets things in perspective. It is also a way of taking a bit of time to think about what is coming. A whole new day. Full of possibilities and chances.

Especially when it’s cold, like now, it takes longer to wake up and get out.

I love to sleep with an open window, but in the morning it doesn’t make it easier to get out. Comfortably under the covers, everything is so nice and warm, and my nose feels it will be a difficult transition.

But behind my nose, in my mind, they know all too well what it also means: a beautiful sunny day! And that means we can do a lot.

That’s why it was already so hectic inside

In addition to the processing of dreams, the idea machine that never stops and the afterglow of the show Trevor Noah that I saw last night, there are plenty already forged plans.

It’s a busy factory up there. All different departments with different assignments. It would be nice if it could be shut off for a while, but unfortunately it looks like it’s a 24/7 business and sleep is the only way to escape. In the morning a meditation of half an hour also helps a lot.

“The factory up there” is nurture, not nature – but there still is nature in this body left. The need for a winterstop, rest and tranquility is nature. We head towards winter, and even though everything is late here – the trees are still in leaf and are only just starting to act like autumn – nature is preparing for a time of rest. When we were still living in caves, we would hibernate in winter, and that need is still there.

Even when I lived in the city, I gained some weight in winter and slept more. Here we live in the middle of nature, say in a kind of luxury cave, so here our natural tendencies unfold themselves more and more. Ten hours of sleep per night – great! And those kiloos will be gone in spring (I hope).

But enough is enough

I am relentless. I can talk what I want, but I have to go out of bed. Now. There are a lot of interesting things waiting, and there are some nice projects going on.

Perhaps the new mosaic will be finished today, perhaps we will succeed to get a bookingssystem on the site so you can book directly. The curtains of Ceylon are washed and can be ironed, and we can make a plan for a new staircase at the pool. I’m practicing with my Gorilla tripod, microphone and Bluetooth smart phone to record a video. And then I have to find out how you edit it and put it on Youtube.


Life is fascinating, and there are many areas to explore. I am happy with the unstoppable factory with all its divisions, but I’m also very happy with my need 10 hours of sleep!


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