A long time ago I had a fling with a physiotherapist Marco. I was actually a little too young, he was already a bit too old, so it didn’t go anywhere.

But he got me massaging.

Over the moon

As a physiotherapist tells you that you can massage really well … that means a lot when you’re sixteen. He worked at a campsite of a friend of his in the summer. I worked there as well, as a receptionist. I was over the moon with this romance, as well as with the job.

Sometimes I made some mistakes, and sent people to the wrong fields, but those little mistakes were compensated by my enthusiasm.

With the same enthusiasm I threw myself at a sports massage course after that summer. Memorize the names of the muscles, where they are, where they go and what they do. Learning about possible injuries, practicing on whoever volunteered (and there were quite a lot of people in those days) and take exams. I got the diploma, and I lost it again, probably while moving from one house to another. I don’t even remember exactly when, how and where.

Doesn’t matter. During the last thirty years “massaging” flared up again or went off the menu, depending on the circumstances.

Baby massages


When the children were born, I gave them baby massages. They really loved it, were completely relaxed after half an hour. I did it for at least half a year. It is a tradition from Asia, and good for lowering cortisol levels, growth and hardening the bonestructure.

And yes, they started growing and only stopped just before 2 metres. Don’t know if they would have been giants if I’d continued for another half year ….

Over the years I attended a few additional courses. Shiatsu, hot stone, reflexology, color therapy, chair massage. It was a nice mix.

Cave woman

In the Termas-da-Azenha it comes in handy. From the beginning I started massaging again. There was plenty of room, so I had three massage rooms. A chromotherapy (massage under colored lights, to activate various chakras), a “Vichy” for hot water massages, and “The Cave.”

The last room was a surprise, created by volunteer Jela. As a parting gift.

Is that sweet or what?

I now mostly use the Cave. The ambience is great for relaxation. Together with my favorite cd of Tibetan monks, even the most stressed-out human being comes to rest.

Calm down

For me it is also soothing. Today’s client laughed and said: “It must be a good workout for you, huh?”, but it’s actually the opposite. I notice more and more that the room gets good vibrations – as I enter, I feel quite calm, and my clients as well.

Whatever I have been doing to finish everything on time – I enter the Cave, put on the cd of the monks, and it is quiet and calm. Inside and out.

And that soothing energy comes out through my hands.

The things you can feel

It is amazing to notice how you always can feel more. Not only physical symptoms, but how a human being is the interaction of body and mind.

Thanks Marco, for being so eager to be massaged and get me going!