See Mariza and then die

“I want a dress like that!”

“O, yes, me too! But I want her size as well!”

“I also loved the black dress in the beginning, but yes, the red one is a winner!”

Mariza’s dresses have caused some emotion, but it’s certainly not only the dresses.


The show was great

Such a voice from such a tiny body – it’s unreal, but we really heard and saw it.

We were lucky at the last moment. It was sold out (in one-and-a-half-hour), but a last-minute decision provided 50 more chairs. The orchestra would sit on the stage, so there could be more people in that space.

And so we sat front row, a bit from the middle. I had pain in my neck from looking up all the time, but it was no sacrifice – MARIZA is a big name in Portugal, everybody wants to hear and see her.

“What do you think – does she have something special with that gitarplayer next to the drummer?” I ask the girlfriends, “it seemed to me as if she introduced him in a special way.” “Yes! Exactly! Just what I thought”, Renate answers enthousiastically, “there was something sparkling between them!”

“You two could see that really well, probably?” adds Els, “so close to the stage?” Renate and Els had a better overview on the balcony. We did not sit all together.

Ana rolls her head: “Yes, sure, but if she was real up front, we couldn’t see her face, she also something like 3 meters long.”

Mariza is at ease on stage

She is singing from the age of 5, started in the café of her father, not so far from here.

When tears run over your cheeks on a mondayafternoon at 6, you could say it is not normal. In my case it could mean that I’m cutting onions for dinner, or that I’m at a concert of Mariza. Like last monday afternoon. But on every other monday afternoon you may presume that it’s the onions ….

To be honest:

I’m not such a fan of traditional fado. Of course I tried. Amalia, Pedro, Ana, Deolinda – but when musiciens are creative-with-fado, like Fausto Bordalo Dias, Maria João, Cristina Branco and Mariza, than it’s another story. Than you can’t get enough.

A born artist she is. Dramatic effects right away: the first song, all alone on stage, no musicians or nothing. Her voice coming out of her toes, and an elegant hand with long fingers and long red nails that accompanies the drama.

After that epic intro

– in a spectaculair black dress buttoned down with large rhinestones, against a light purple background where the folded light fixtures looked like big black flowers, the musicians came on stage.

Three guitarists and a drummer. One of the guitarists plays the portuguese guitar, a very typical sound with twice as many strings as a normal one.

The percussionist had a kind of big box in front of him where you normally expect a drum, of which he later in the show got tantalizing rhythms from.

Fairly early we got a little sermon. If we wanted that they gave the best of themselves, we had to give the best of ourselves, and not be reluctant of approval and applause.

Sing, laugh, cry, dance, cheer, clap and marvel

That did not fall on deaf ears. Everyone cheered and clapped.

I admire the musical gifts of the Portuguese in general – everyone sings along, from beginning to end. They all know the lyrics, the melody, they follow the artist’s lead easily – no shame, no shyness.

A wonderful show, a great tour-de-chant, with dramatic songs interspersed with sing-alongs, guitar solos, percussion treats, her voice that travels from the cellar to the sky, and for dessert the last half hour with a whole string orchestra.

I found the difference between the arrival of the people and how they left again so enormous. After the concert everyone was clearly much more relaxed and happier than before.

This music makes you happy

It touches your soul, your heart and tickles your dance muscles.