How old is Lucy?

“Man, it’s already friday tomorrow. It flies by!”

Louise lifts her hands to the sky in the passionate way that is typical for her. We found that out during the last few days, got used to it and came to appreciate it.

“Yes, I’m here a week now already”, says Adrienn, calm as she is, “as if I arrived yesterday.”

“But at the same time it seems to be an eternity”, Leah says, who is here the longest. She giggles: “Ah! No, that came out wrong ….”

She’s the youngest of us all. She’s here two weeks now, and in that time developed herself into my personal rock-to-rely-on. Emilie arrived yesterday, so to see the quiet element in the group.

“So, your first day of mosaicing, how do you like cutting and glueing little pieces all day long?” I ask Emilie cheerfully. Emilies face lights up: “O, I love it! Adoro colar e cortar, ze glueing and ze cutting”, Emilie speaks better portuguese then english, but luckily she can speak french with canadian Louise.

They are sitting on top of eachother all day, cutting and glueing little pieces of tiles, to realize quite a big mosaic next to the pool

“And it’s already november …. almost the end of 2016 …. time goes toooooo fast!”

“Don’t worry, in other countries it flies even faster”, Adrienn remarks ironically, “take the Chinese, they are already in the year 4.000 something.” She can know, she was there two times already.

“Yes, that’s something else then us, living in the 20th century”, I agree, while Louise splutters her glee all over the table about my mistake: “Sorry, we’re living in the 19hundredsomuch? We’re in the 21st century! Oh, Ellen, you did know that!!”

How old is Lucy?

And she continues: “You know what I did on the previous workaway? * I was asking that lady everyday: “How old is Lucy?” You know who Lucy is? You know that they found a skeleton in Ethiopia, she is an australo…. po….no….pi….yes….pithecine – wow, that is a difficult word, and I would ask the lady every day the same question: how old is Lucy?”

She looks around the table, inviting, evidently expecting an answer, so I say: “Er, 16?”

Louise was just in the process of taking a sip from her drink, spits it out because of laughing – just like her neighbour Leah who was just taking a bite, who has some problems keeping it all in her mouth, laughing.

It’s girl time!

All kinds of nonsense, giggling and joking. And inbetween serious matters. Anyway, lots of talking and communication going on.

When we’re done laughing, Louise continues: “I would ask her every day how old Lucy is, and every day she did not know! And when I said it, 3 million years, every day again she was sooooo surprised! Strange, huh?”

“How old was that lady then?” I ask on a suggestive tone, and all laugh again. “She was 67 or so”, Louise answers, “so that’s not so old. But she is an artist, so she just couldn’t remember. She doesn’t have a head for numbers. I do have, a head for numbers I mean, at least today.”

“Huh?”, Leah tries to understand, “so today you get numbers and tomorrow not?”

“Yes, it could be. I have some different personalities.”

“Prático”, says Emilie quite ironically, “I like to have some more personalitées também, especial um que speaks better inglês.”

Louise puts her hand on Emilies arm, but she’s not able to respond, completely gone in her amazement: “Every day!! Sooooo surprised! And every day I said: 3 million years. No, in fact it is 3.2 million years”, she corrects herself.

In the mean time, Adrienn googled Lucy and shows her picture on wikipedia.

“Er, plus the age of Lucy when she died – I’m pretty sure she died with 16, you can see that right away – so plus 16, we’re talking about 3.2 plus 16 years. Let’s stick to the facts”, I correct her, and Adrienn takes it even further: “And it’s already 2 weeks ago that this happened, so we’re talking 3.2 plus 16 years and 14 days. Let’s stick to the facts!”

Inbetween Leah and Emilie are giggling: “You can see she’s 16 … yeahyeah, you can see that from a few bones ….”

Girl time! Nice to have them around

German/american Leah, hungarian/english Adrienn, french-canadian/brazilian Louise and french/portuguese Emilie. All together with a dutch family in Portugal. It’s a melting pot, so to speak. Between all of us, we speak 6 languages.

Keep an eye on our facebookpage. We’ll soon show you what this melting pot is capable of.

World record cutting and glueing pieces on the square inch!


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This is how Lucy might have looked like: