Led Zeppelin Tribute Band

“So … if that bass player hadn’t asked you to join the gig, than those 10 years of your life would have been completely different?” We sit in the warm cocoon of my car, en route to the Termas, after a day of Coimbra.

I bumped everywhere on consequences of Black Friday (the day of big discounts everywhere) which interfered with all my plans and intentions, but Bruno and Tooske have had a nice day. They stay for 3 weeks as volunteers, and it was time to step out and see something of the country.

Strolling in the streets of Coimbra

“We have seen that wonderful old church, wonderful! But we didn’t climb all the way up though, to the other one!” They finally ended up in a small restaurant where they had a nice lunch and a good chat with the friendly waiter.

Portuguese love to chat, they are talking heads, kletskoppen, praatjesmakers *, so as soon as it is possible, they start telling stories and they never stop. The waiter had been in Amsterdam and raved about the terrace heaters there. Among other things …. there was more, but that made a big impression.

You will never encounter terrace heaters in Portugal

Sometimes the restaurants and little shops are not even heated. It’s doable, it never gets that cold, the heat comes from the kitchen and you keep your coat on. In fact, I prefer that. But on such a dark-sky day like today it is nice to sit in the warm car.

“Yes, sometimes life is weird, huh,” replied Bruno, going back to my question, “I had already done so much, played in many bands, but this was an immediate and total success. Now it helped tremendously that we appeared on the Soundmixshow.”**

“That sounds familiar,” I try to remember what that was, “that was a kind of talent contest, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, you don’t remember the name Henny Huisman?”

It all does ring a bell, but I could not save my life with my knowledge about all this.

I was a little bit too young to appreciate the music of Led Zeppelin

Maybe not too young for the Soundmixshow, but I didn’t watch that. Never been much of a television watcher.

“As a result, we were flooded with requests. Especially from Germany.”

“Oh? Why especially Germany? Are germans such Led Zeppelin fans?”

“Well, no, but we accepted a lot in Germany. They pay well there. In the Netherlands is not good at all, you’re supposed to play for some refreshments and traveling expenses – that happens very often. You can’t make a living like that. Certainly not with what we were doing and our expectations.”

I focus immediately – sensationalism is in every human being: “Was that so extravagant, then?”

But it is not too bad:

“We never had hordes of groupies or screaming girls and we never destroyed dressing rooms, if that is what you mean. But when you’re on tour, it’s nice to be in a good hotel, and after the show go clubbing of course. Well … yeah …. then sometimes things happen …. ”

Bruno smiles at the memories, but spills no juicy stories. Now I don’t ask for them, I’m discreet, and also: I can imagine. You too, right?

When I started writing this blog, I finally went to YouTube to watch the clip. Henny Huisman is a bit of a chubby dutchman, but anyway the founding father of the phenomenon talentshow-on-TV. I read on Wikipedia.

The piece with the son of Bruno, who rehearsed the song “Born to be wild”, and sings that as a surprise for his father, is very endearing.


For me, the biggest surprise comes after that, when a song of the Led Zeppelin Tribute Band is shown. Wow! Is that Bruno Lord? I’m so glad that I only see it now. I’m sure I would tend to make a deep bow, every time I’d meet him during his 3-weekly-stay in the Termas.


“Respectfull greetings, Mister Lord! Say hello to your Father from me …”


* I write this with the utmost tenderness and respect. I appreciate the portuguese tendency to chat endlessly, although I generally have little to no time to engage in it.

** The mother of all talent competition shows was this “Soundmixshow” – invented by a dutch man named Henny Huisman. The concept was sold all over the world.


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