Last minute holidays – a favourable opportunity

It’s high season, but it’s a bizarre quiet high season. That’s because you lot have a great summer up there in the north. The second time already! It’s not fair! We had the option on great weather. Luckily, we have more to offer then only great weather, and since a short period of time we also have a favourable opportunity in the form of a last-minute.

After yesterday’s hustle & bustle, I have an afternoon to continue the recently started mosaic project today.

After all, we have started another favourable opportunity recently, remember?


I was already craving to go on with it yesterday, but that was impossible.

Sixteen people for “Pizza-da-Mamma Night”, and a French family for the Portuguese stew. That means: starting after lunch with the preparations, otherwise people are still waiting for their pizza at half past eight. And with quite some small children, it’s better to eat around 7.

It went smoothly. We have quit some experience working together in the kitchen, Broes and me

We’re an unbeatable team in the kitchen. No complaining, no messing around. “What needs to be done now?” he asks after cutting the onions, and I say: “Why don’t you actually become a cook?”

“Do you know how much stress that is?” he asks, “I actually understand Gordon Ramsey – with all that shouting and swearing.”

Anyway, everyone was happy yesterday, and I have an easy day today. Time to glue some pieces on the wall!

I’m working close to the entrance of appartment One. Johan comes out (this family’s here for the third time already, so we know eachother a bit better) and says: “It’s going to be so beautiful! The nice thing about it is that you see the changes every year. More mosaic every time.”

I push a white strip to the wall and answer: “Yes, next time that you’re here it’ll be completely finished.” “Wow, the entire building mosaiced in a year? That’s quite a job!”

“Uh … well, depending on how long it takes before you come back …” I joke, “when you come back next year … I’m not sure, but when you would come with Julia and her family, and with Samuel and his family, and you, and you rent 3 houses here to have a nice holiday together with your adult kids and grandchildren, certainly not only this building, but the entire village will have been mosaiced … ”


The recent cancellation returns in a flash

That wás such a situation. Daughter with family, son with family, and parents – who would spend a joint vacation here.

A great way to team up but have your own privacy as well. It’s perfect for it! They had booked Palmeira, Oliveira and appartment One. Palmeira and Oliveira are two houses next to each other. Appartment One has a garden for the dog, and an extra bedroom if one of the grandchildren wanted to sleep with the grandparents.

It went a little differently. The universe had something else in store for them

One beautiful morning, daughter was notified that she was hired – a new job she applied for right before the holiday. If she could start per immediately, please? Oops! Apparently it was a close-knit family / an impressive new job / until then a less pleasant holiday / a shock for everyone, but they all canceled because they all suddenly returned to Belgium.

When I was glueing I had time to think about that

Good news for the daughter! Congratulations on your new job! I found it impressive that son and parents also canceled for this reason, but you don’t know. Not all families are alike. Maybe they sympathize very much with each other. Maybe they really didn’t feel like having a joint holiday but felt obliged – and everything in between. They did not tell me that.

The main result for us now is that we have 3 empty houses for 3 weeks – meaning a favourable Last-Minute for somebody else!



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