Celebrate your holiday in an oásis somewhere between heaven and earth

  •   we’re next to termas-do-bicanho

Holiday rentals and hotelrooms in the centre of Portugal. Termas-da-Azenha is an old spa resort (founded in 1711) where the common people use to come to cure skin diseases. The water still runs through the old baths and still has healing powers, which makes it a special holiday destination.


Appartments and B & B close to the beach (12 km as the crow flies). The property has been restored, and since 2000 we offer 6 vacation houses and 4 guestrooms, nicely decorated with wall paintings. Most bathrooms of the holiday homes and hotelrooms have a mosaic – as you can find in the rest of the village.

Camping or a farm vacation We grow our own vegetables and fruit or we buy them close by – organically grown. In summer we have a cook, so then you can book your dinner (also vegetarian). There are two terrains for camping, surrounded by fields and forested hills. Pick your place – there are no marked spots.

A holiday accommodation with swimmingpool, various games, a DressingRoom, massages, mosaic workshops or hiking tours. There´s a lot to do in Termas-da-Azenha and in the neighbourhood. Sight-seeing in Coimbra, climbing in the skygarden near Figueira da Foz – to name a few things.

Hiking through the fields We made various tracks, from an hour till a whole day of walking. After that, you could treat yourself to a nice relaxing (foot)massage. Or maybe a (Belgian) beer on the terrace of our little café, or book your dinner so you won´t have to cook yourself, or amuse yourself with the guitar, the piano or the drums.

Relaxing vacation There are a lot of families in summer. The children play together, the parents relax in their own way. During the day there are several possibilities for outings – the beaches, a lake, the castle of Montemor-o-Velho, canoeing on the Mondego, climbing in the Serra da Boa Viagem.

We are looking forward to welcome you here!