Bed and breakfast with a view

We have some guestrooms, each with a terrace and a kitchenette outside. You have a private entrance. The room has a kingsize double bed and behind the bed you can see a beautiful wall painting. There is a couch and a closet, TV (the portuguese channels) and the internet connection is fine. The view over the fields is very relaxing.

The bathroom is spacey with a shower, washstand and toilet, and a large mosaic.

The kitchen is outside. It has a cooker, a microwave, a fridge, all crockery and cutlery, pots and pans you need. If you sit at the dining table you can enjoy your food and the view.

These are perfect rooms for people who love to be in nature, like to be outside a lot.

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Casa Pomarinho375,0070,00475,0075,00495,0080,00
Casa Africa375,0070,00475,0075,00495,0080,00
Casa Palmeira475,0075,00495,0080,00525,0085,00
Casa Oliveira375,0070,00475,0075,00495,0080,00
Apartment Ceylon375,0070,00475,0075,00495,0080,00
FamilyApartment 1375,0070,00475,0075,00495,0080,00
FamilyApartment 2375,0070,00475,0075,00495,0080,00
(price per room)
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In summer, you can do a lot in the Termas. It is very enjoyable in this Bed and Breakfast. On the terrace you can chat with the other guests and enjoy a cool drink (we offer a.o. Belgian beer, a good vinho verde a homemade icetea). Here we serve the meals as well. You can book per day, and tell us your preferences (allergies, vegetarian, vegan).

We put the Lego in the little pavillion, so the kids can play in the shadow, while you enjoy your chat and your drink.

In the big room of  the bathhouse you find a pingpongtable, foossball and a small pooltable, as well as a library with novels and boardgames, and the Fancy Dressingroom.

Walk through the bathhouse and you come at the patio with the pools. There´s a separate one for the little children. Around the pool there are several terraces where you can sit and relax. All of  them with big mosaics.

We offer massages: relax- sports- hotstone- shiatsu- feet.

All these services you can find on the page Facilities.