Holiday Memory Book

A holiday with your loved ones is the time of the year you cherish. A special event, and hopefully nice memories. Some vacations are extra special – with a group of friends or with your whole family. Maybe your child celebrates his or her birthday. One thing is for certain: you’ll make a lot of holiday photos.

If you see those photos after a few years, everything will come back to you

Unfortunately, not many people take the time to do a bit of nostalgia. Why? Most of the time, it’s too messy, too many, you don’t know where to look anymore. It takes too much time to sort them out, so just leave ‘m there – in the cloud, in your computer.

Do something special: order a Holiday Memory Book! Leave your photos and stories with us, and after a month you’ll have a wonderful book at home.

I often receive a bunch of photos from guests and volunteers. And sometimes even a book.
 A real physical photo book is so much more fun!
You can just browse without having to turn on your computer, put the pen in, go to the cloud, endlessly click before you’re there …. and then you can see only one photo at a time.

Your holiday photos in a book is a treasure forever


I will make a memorable coffee table book for you.

All pictures – or a selection of them – and some anecdotes in a beautiful memory book. You can record some “notes” on your phone. See the instructions for an app here.

From that material – your recordings and your pictures – I make a very beautiful Memory Book!

No more clutter in your computer, not necessary to expand your cloud, your phone stays fast, and not only you have the excitement of the anticipation and the holiday itself, but also the fun afterwards. And you can show it a lot easier to your friends and family.

If you spend your holidays with us, it’s easy to order. Just talk to me. If you’re somewhere else, no problem, send a mail:

Costs: 4,95€ per page.

You deliver the material, and you can determine the number of pages, with a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 40. We ask a downpayment of half of the value, the other half can be paid on arrival. Shipping is included. A month after your order, your book is shipped to your home address. The order is binding.