Flow, let go, and now: hold tight, holidaymakers!

“I feel my nerves tighten again,” says the mother of two beautifully dressed daughters at the breakfast table, “that is the approaching departure. The end of our camping holiday. ”


I know the feeling. You probably too. It’s my fault she feels those nerves coming up.

Please: breathe, relax, let go …

When I came to bring them their fresh cup of coffee, we had a chat about the last holiday-day, and what that does to you, and I said: “The last holiday I remember, everything was very relaxed, and the last day I was running again, doing everything at once: brushing my teeth while I was sitting on the toilet, putting on my shoes at the same time, and simultaneously throwing the last things in my suitcase. Well, then you know: you’re on your way, back to your normal life.”

The anecdote apparently triggered her nerves, but please, let it go! I certainly didn’t want to stress you out

I immediately try to correct my mistake: “No, not necessary. You were just so relaxed. The best holidaymakers ever. You’re very good at that – you don’t need to stress! I’m sorry!”

It’s not that you go back to a hard and miserable life. You’re content and happy with your normal life – isn’t that so for most people? Here and there a difficulty, a thing, sometimes a disaster or a drama, but in general we lead a pleasant life at home.

I have never done any scientific research, but I have a strong suspicion that I’m quite right with this statement.

And this Belgian family is definitely champion in the area of relaxation

I was busy with my mosaic yesterday afternoon (curious? Read the previous blog) and was hiding behind the shadow net that serves as a door to my mosaic spot. My mosaic spot is near the pool, and the sun is shining on it in the afternoon. That’s why I tried to stay in the shade.

Family Champion Relax was in the pool. Dad, mom, and their two daughters of 6 and 4. The youngest learns to swim with the help of an ingenious floating vest, and a diving mask with a nose. I like that a lot. It’s new, and it seems effective, but sometimes it has a comical effect.

(Not on these girls though, they look cute in everything, they’re the lucky ones!)


I totally missed the visual – hidden behind my shadow net – but the audio was pleasant. I was enjoying the flow of a well-running mosaic, grabbing one after the other exactly-fitting piece, with that pleasant chat in the background.

Everyone with young children knows it, this ongoing, flowing conversation about anything and nothing. Very harmonious, very cozy, it brings out the best in everyone

I couldn’t understand it, they were just a little too far away for that, and I was just a little too much in my flow. But I could distinguish the various languages. Flemish of course, the language of the country where they live, but also Spanish. The language of daddy. And in between French to their french neighbours. And en passant a few French sentences to the daughters.

Who understood it all, and cheerfully went along with all the language changes

Great, if you grow up in such a bilingual or trilingual way! That is a beautiful gift that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. The splashing and sniffing sounds of a child who’s just learning how to swim and is doing her very best, are universal though, and not language-related.

Perhaps their capacity of relaxation has to do with culture. Perhaps this family is champion because they are a two-component family, with Southamerican and Belgian roots. Who knows? There’s no scientific research on that.


I secretly hope that this family – just like all the others who’ve been here – will be able to embed that level of relaxation in their daily life. Take your holiday home! (And leave your work at work.) That you’ll still be able to chat about everything and nothing with your children just as nicely back home. That you can sleep in from time to time. That you’re all going to do some nice things together, and you don’t even have a plan.

Don’t let it go, dear guests! Instead: hold tight! Keep it like this as long as possible!


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