Facilities: patio with the pools

The patio with the pools is a place where you can hang around and cool off in the Termas-water. We try to keep it as natural as possible, to make good use of the pure mineralwater. There is a separate pool for the little children.

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Facilities: several terraces around the pools

There are several corners and places where you can read your book or doze a bit. You can also socialize with the other guests. There is a lot of mosaic – if you like that, you could do a workshop. Look under mosaicworkshop.

Facilities: Fancy Dressingroom: glitter and glamour, cowboyboots and high heels

The Fancy Dressingroom is guaranteed fun for groups of children, and somtimes for adults as well – if we organize a theme night or a little party. You can walk in to have a look. It´s free to use.

Massages: relax- sports- hotstone- shiatsu

A massage is in the beginning of your holiday is a good start to become completely relaxed. If you are troubled by tension and pain, it will give relief. Lots of people have pain in their shoulders or in the lower back area. A mix of various techniques will leave you ready for a relaxed holiday. You can book with your reservation or wait untill you are here. 40€€ for about 45 minutes to an hour.


Do a workshop mosaïc! Reserve a day for it, and you will make a beautiful bowl, mirror or little box of your own design. The basic techniques are easy to learn. A nice souvenir to bring home with you! You could spread the time over a few days if you want, if you stay a little longer. One workshop costs 40€.

Meals and the little café

In summer we cook every day for everybody who wants to dine. It is very convivial, all the guests together having fun on the terrace of the village square. You can decide per day. You even can indicate your preferences, your allergies or dislikes. Maybe you are a vegetarian or vegan. No problem. We have a big repertoire. Adults: 10€, kids (till 6) 6€.

You are always welcome on the terrace of the little café. We offer a.o. an original Portuguese coffee, Belgian beer, a sparkling vinho verde and a homemade icetea.

Facilities: games, adventures and books

You´ll find the library right next to the entrance of the bathhouse. All kinds of books and games, free to use.

In summer we often organise things like a treasurehunt, a tournement with all the games involved or a nightly dropoff (a group of blindfolded children who have to find their way back to the Termas). A group of guests organized a fashion show once, and there was a nice afternoon with reading a story to a group of little children.


Last but not least: there´s a possibility to do your laundry. Put everything that can be washed together in a bag, and we´ll do the rest. After a few hours or so we will warn you that you can pick it up. Washed and dry. We let it dry in the sun and the wind. For 6,50€ per turn, everything is clean and fresh again.