Camping in nature not far from culture

with a lot of nature around, but not far from the civilized world – that is what the Termas-da-Azenha camping is. You can choose your own spot, we have place for about 4 families on the terrain below, and 4 families on the hill. You can take the car with you.

Here’s an impression:

There are 2 terrains where you can put your tent. If you travel with a caravan or mobile home, you can choose a spot on the terrain downstairs, allthough small vans can go up.

Both terrains have their own toiletbuilding, with shower, sink, washstands and toilet. You can use the showers/baths in the bathhouse as well.

 high seasonoff seasonwith CCI*
2 p. + car (tent or caravan)15,0014,3513,75
3 p. + car (tent or caravan)18,0017,7516,50
4 p. + car (tent or caravan)21,0020,1519,25
5 p. + car (tent or caravan)24,0023,0022,00
*CCI=Camping Card International

*CCI=Camping Card International

electricity p.n.5,00
dinner children till 6 years6,00
laundry per turn6,50

ADAC/ANWB members get a discount, SVR members as well. Bring your card.

Camping and extras

We offer a lot of extras, like: access to the old baths with the mineral water, the games like pingpong, foossball and pool, the library, the Fancy Dressingroom, the pools and all  the terraces around.

We cook every day and you can decide per day if you want to join. There are various possibilities: join the group of guests (kind of table d´hôte), we can serve it at your place or you can take it with you. You can indicate what your preferences are, or maybe you are allergic to some foods, you´re a vegeatarian or vegan. No problem, we have experience with it all. Adults 10€, kids till 6 years 6€.

We are mentioned in the Cool Camping Guide, and on their site as well of course.

Camping and toll roads

If your driving your own car, here is some interesting information for you. There are two different types of toll roads. One is with a card at the beginning and pay at the end. Do not use the gate “Aderentes”! You need a special device for that.

The other system is the Green Lane Toll System. You can already buy your card at Infraestruturas Portugal and use the website activation by filling out registration and activation number.

You can also buy your card, when you enter Portugal, at the first gas station there’s a little lane, where you can leave your creditcard details and get a slip which you have to keep in the car.

There is a simulator on the Infraestrutas Portugal site, so that you can get an idea of the costs. (Eg: Guarda-Aveiro via the A25: 13.55€ for Class 1 = car + caravan and 23.55€ for Class 2 = camper/mobile home).