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An entertaining blog

about everything that happens in the Termas-da-Azenha, with guests, volunteers, animals, portuguese culture and much more. Termas-da-Azenha is a holiday resort, but please don´t associate this with beige luxury. We do things a bit different – in a homey way, so everybody can feel free to do what he or she likes. We like to make big mosaics and wall paintings, so there´s a lot to see everywhere.

This blog is published every week on sunday morning, here on the site and on You can also find it on Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn.


31.03   Confidence in our mineral water

24.03   To the Embassy to renew your passport

17.03   Learning portugese, poispois!

10.03   The yard wanderer

03.03   A day in Lisbon on the scooter

24.02   Portuguese are macho or am I wrong?

17.02   Skeptical about the septic tank?

10.02   Card tournament: the cards are shuffled

03.02   Pissed but happy

27.01   About painting, about stress, and about a painting course

20.01   Portuguese driving licence all the way

13.01   Frozen in the front, baked in the back

06.12   Last chance of a New Year with capitals

30.12   Hiding from Father Christmas             

23.12   A thief and a song (or two)

16.12   Nice plan: 2019 will be the “Year of the Butterfly”

09.12   The portuguese paper

02.12   Not the standard service?

25.11   Regular guests from the big city

18.11   Our cute little baby dogs and asylum

11.11   Doing things Termas-style: wabi sabi

04.11   Life is rumbling on in Portugal

28.10   Restoration after restoration after Leslie

21.10   Hello hurricane Leslie

14.10   What to do on holiday? Here’s an idea: read!

07.10   A good neighbour is better than a brother far off

30.09   It’s not all puppies and sunshine

23.09   Adorable baby dogs

16.09   Porthola! Our portuguese teachter of 20 years ago

09.09   The trick with the plunger

02.09   Lovely weather for ducks

26.08   Moving from one appartment to another holidayhouse

19.08   Bird spotting early in the morning

12.08   A German wave on the beach

05.08   Children’s games count down

29.07   Bicycle-race-of-a-queen-of-the-roads

22.07   Completely out of hand

15.07   Lost volunteer

08.07   Singin’ in the rain

01.07   Stresslevels – before and after

24.06   The saint – day of São João

17.06   The target group

10.06   Broken mower? Doesn’t matter

03.06   Super tip for your (vegetable) garden

27.05   Small losses because of the GDPR

20.05   Sexist on Facebook

13.05   Rest in all its variations

06.05   Completely upside down from a bad review

29.04   Nice offer for profiteers

22.04   A curious combination of guests

15.04   Mineral water, source of all life

08.04   They came back voluntarily

01.04    From dream to reality

25.03    Game field

18.03    Beach coaching for women

11.03   The art of watching

04.03   (Piano)roll over, Beethoven

25.02   A tour to the supermarket (part 2)

18.02   Driving to the supermarket of Jorge Neto

11.02   An elephant in the room

04.02   Starbucks or real coffee?

28.01   Loving Vincent, loving the film

21.01   Coaching for women of 50+

14.01   Mosaic queen Astrid

07.01   The world upside down

31.12   A very happy new year

24.12   Volunteer Raquelli Pirelli

17.12   Track and trace

10.12   Bed & Breakfast & Bathrobes

03.12   The Flintstone Method

26.11   Country life

19.11   Butterfly Garden

12.11   A scoop that goes from mouth to mouth

05.11   The latest trends in holidays

29.10   Harambee, the female approach

22.10   A fiery year

15.10   Hunting for a house in Portugal

08.10   Portugal, the safest country in Europe

01.10   João the donkey

24.09   Chicken shelter

17.09   JC was here

10.09   Lucky bastard

03.09   Presents

27.08   First impressions

20.08   Happy birthday, we wish you a long life!

13.08   Fantasy blog order in the FancyDressingRoom

05.08   Childrens’ holidays

30.07   It’s high season. Hi, season!

23.07   Childfriendly holidays

16.07   Musical sunset

09.07   Do you need physalis on holiday, actually?

02.07   Single vacation

25.06   Forest fire

18.06   Relaxing massages

11.06   Digital photography in a book

04.06   Exercise in mindfulness

28.05   Retired in another country

21.05   Multi-talented volunteers

14.05   Donkeycracy – special kind of portuguese democracy

07.05   It’s all in the family

30.04   Goodbye homeland!

23.04   Portuguese poo sandwich

16.04   No Boat & Breakfast anymore

09.04   A cup of comfort

02.04   An average booking through AirBnB

26.03   A cute blond skinny dog

19.03   Fado in Portugal

12.03   My ideal holidays

05.03   The upside-down world

26.02   Goodbye winter, hello spring

19.02   So, what is your holiday destination?

12.02   How not to be efficient

05.02   Thank you for your good ratings!

29.01   Tiles

22.01   Rice with benefits

15.01   That’s the way it goes in Portugal

08.01   Security, have mercy please

01.01   Cheese and kisses

24.12   Excuse me! You forgot your child!

18.12   Neuroscience for dummies

11.12   Led Zeppelin Tribute Band

04.12   Nostalgic nationalism

27.11   Black Friday

20.11   Only a small B&B

13.11   Family business

06.11   How old is Lucy?

30.10   Vacation, money and freedom

23.10   Unexpected guests: meeting myself

16.10   Authentical holidays

09.10   Dinner with a fat valve

02.10   Our crooked baker

25.09   Best kitchen aid ever

18.09   Innovative cleaning

11.09   Cupsize and electricity

04.09   Flying Dragon Love

28.08   Festival Forte – Montemor-o-Velho

21.08  Cheeky dentist appointment

14.08   Prizewinning dream

07.08   Codeword flexibility

31.07   A rose in the supermarket

24.07   Fly from a tattoo studio in Lisbon

17.07   Design surprise

10.07   See Mariza and then die

03.07   Unexpected charming guests

26.06   A profile like a Roman emperor

19.06   Massages

12.06   Weird ways of reviewing your holiday

05.06   Medieval festival

29.05   Organic vegetable garden

22.05   The skype is the limit

15.05   Holiday with a group of people

08.05   Mosaic addiction

01.05   Plans and planning

24.04   Danish input

17.04   Washing machine

.0.04   beep…beep…beep…

03.04   Easterlunch with grandmother

27.03   Volunteers leave their clothes

20.03   Student associations: AIESEC

13.03   Divine drivers – traffic in Holland

06.03   Portuguese names

28.02   Volunteering around the world

21.02   Telephone in the church

14.02   Valentine

07.02   Little mistake of the Municipality

31.01   Isis is no more

In these blogs we try to give you an impression about our lifestyle, what you can expect, some nice anecdotes – little amusing stories, nothing big or worldchanging. Still, we hope you´ll like it, and if you do, we appreciate it very much if you take the trouble to let us know.

We have a few cats, 3 donkeys and a dog (the donkeydog). We work with volunteers all year ’round. We like to think of ourselves as very hospitable – a thing we learned from the portuguese people. Portuguese are very friendly and helpful of nature, and you will have a wonderful time spending your holidays here.