A prizewinning dream

It’s all because of that girl right there, on the right. She hangs upside down.
Could that already be a metaphor for how her life will go?

When she was very young, she always answered the question: “And what will you be when you grow up?” – “I want to be a midwife.”

That is how it was called earlier. Midwife. Now it’s called obstetrician, and that is perfectly fine, but if you know that “midwife” was the indication for an older, experienced, wise woman, then you feel that you are in better hands with a midwife than if you are going to give birth with an obstetrician. There’s too much obstacle in that word.

My sister was a midwife

She had her own practice with her partner. I lived a while in their house when I was 16, so I saw quite some pregnant women around. I even was present when they gave birth * sometimes – very impressive.

Even more impressive was the first giving-birth of my other sister. I was on the first step of the stairs, listening to noises which suggested the worst. I did not dare go up to help, which I had actually agreed to. I still am so sorry that I did what I did (namely nothing), and I am very happy that I am forgiven.

My two sisters were up there, trying to help a new life in this world, both in their own way. For everyone involved a very special event that you will never forget. My midwife sister did that thousands of times, and she was so good at it that she could say if anyone needed direct assistance, or that it could wait, just by talking to them on the phone.

Henriette – the girl of the photo – wants to do exactly that. Now, I don’t know her like that, and for sure I will not know her like that in the future,  because I was already much too old to be pregnant when I saw her for the first time. She came here as a volunteer, a long time ago already, and came back a few times. As a guest.

I did enjoy one of her treatments

She worked as a secretary, just to earn money, and in her free time she gave …. I don’t even know how you call that. Massages? Reiki? What does it matter, when you lay on the couch and those hands ensure that you relax completely and then fall into a deep sleep?

The past years we kept in contact through Facebook.

Her dream should become reality now. I understand that – if you’re around 50, things are changing. Another phase of your life you want to fill in in a meaningful way.
For years to come she
can make herself useful by offering people a good start. Parents can get their child at home, knowing they are in safe hands. Babies who are approached with respect and love from the first moment on.

That’s meaningful, but nobody wants to pay for your tuition when you’re around 50. Then you must do it yourself. Well, not a problem, Henriette came up with a plan. Sold everything, moved, already started a new life. Organized a fundraiser, with a nice program.

I got a mail if I would cooperate and give a week´s stay as a prize for the lottery.

Certainly, why not?

Last week the winner came to stay, together with her youngest son. She was already in Portugal for a retreat in the Serra da Estrela. Then it’s easy to plan a few days extra, especially if you are traveling with your own car.





We talked about you, Henriette, didn’t you feel your ears itch? You’ll be fine, I hear. The first year is arranged. It is going to happen. Still, a maecenas more would be nice – someone wants to offer a tenner a month? To help someone to realize her dream?

Childbirth only happens a few times in your life. And now I know first hand – thank you dear sisters – that it’s so important to feel safe, to be in good hands, to make it the most wonderful experience of your life.



* Childbirth. Easy to say, difficult to do. To be there and to be able to do anything, is even more difficult. Respect for all fathers who are there and only can hold her hand!

In loving memory of my midwife sister Cornelia Lanser.