Holiday with a group of people

The whole village full of family. Four families, two couples and five singles.
It is so familiar, liturally and figuratively. Like I traveled back in time, once again visiting my parents house on Sunday morning. Only now the nephews and nieces are adult men and women with their own family with teenagers.

In the picture we miss a few. Nobody thought about a group foto untill the last moment, but they are present – in the other frame.

This is only half of the family. The rest is studying, went to their holiday home in Bulgaria, busy with work or live in America.


It’s also just as chaotic and welcoming as ever. Once everyone has been installed in his own house, they go everywhere – to the pool, the adega, the workshop, to the Fairy Tale Terrace, the big room in the bathhouse, and especially in the kitchen you’ ll find family members.

A party everywhere. Each his own space and privacy, but with a lot of opportunities to socialize and do your own thing. Hanging out on the porch, on the swing couch is also one of the possibilities!

A useful tree

Before I know it, nephew Bart is cutting the impressively large and deceased orange tree in the back yard. The best part is that his sister, my niece, uses a number of branches to make “light arms”. Lamps made out of branches, really nice. All of a sudden someone is peeling branches when you walk on the little path to the orchard.

In the shade, it is almost 30º.

Cutting grass

Meanwhile, a group of men are gathered around the tractor. Brother-in-law, brother, nephew, cousin – in various sizes and colors and with different qualifications. Brother-in-law Dick is in charge because he knows the tractor from front to back and is the one who donated it.
After a few nice days of male amusement the thing works flawless again and the first piece of grass is cut. Than the fun is over. Things that work are less interesting.

“So, when we go to that silly market?” Oldest sister Jo can afford some strong statements, as matriarch of the family. Sis Net and Sis 10 are peeling nesperas (*). There they are going to make jam. They cause delicious smells from the kitchen as well, because they make indonesian food for everyone (according to an old family recipe).

Pool or pool?

The children of my nephews and nieces enjoy themselves in the pool. Or in the big room of the bathhouse with the pool table, ping pong and foosball. Inbetween things create a small mosaic to take home. Some help with the major project on the Furnace (*).
I even see adolescents reading thick books. We are a family of readers and doers – apparently it’s in their genes.

It is anyway touching to see what lovely families they are. Each in their own way, but the atmosphere is great and the mutual love almost palpable.

Ten days of reunion. As the largest group left again, I find myself with a little package in my hands. A new telephone, a smart one. As “an early birthday gift”. My birthday is half a year away ….

(*) nesperas are fruit of the nespereira, a portuguese green tree with fruit that looks like apricots. They taste a bit more sourish then apricots

(**) the Furnace is called like that because it can be quite hot in summer. In autumn and spring it’s an ideal place to be. And of course in summer as well, if you like baking.