Flying dragon love*


It’s raining. It’s dangerous, I shouldn’t do it. You never know if the prince is watching ….

but I have to go, my eggs are so heavy. And there are so many …. I’m full … and I’m fed up with them ….

I have to go under water anyway. The boys will not come after me, they don’t dare to fly now.

It will be raining for a while.

Don’t think about it anymore. Just go. Come on! You go girl!

O, there are so many eggs – I need to get rid of them.

First the best spot

O! I know! In that pool with all the reeds, where those humans are. Normally they sit there, next to that big tank filled with water – it doesn’t smell good, not a smell of fish or leaves, and there are no plants at all in there. Really strange … but next to it, there’s that tank filled with reed and lilies, and water that smells like real water. I could go there.

There are no boys at all there

All the boys stay out in the fields now. They only sometimes go there to have a treat: a nice fat beetle or a butterfly.

And now that it’s raining, no-one will disturb me there … yes, I’ll go there. Lay my eggs, and have a bit of peace and quiet …

Hihihi, as if I am a human – sitting next to a pool and relax!

Ah, that’s good. Nice spot here, it feels good … I wish they are going to be as beautiful as their father …

the prince of the river

How handsome he was … so big and blue and elegant …. such a great hunter.

I hope all of them will be great hunters, all of them beautiful.

I wonder, will they all be blue? I’d like to have some red and green children as well.

O well, when they are big enough to come out of the water in two years, I’ll be dead anyway.

Wow! Look at that! Those people are really big! And how slow they move! They look like elephants in slow-motion. I can’t look at them, they are too ugly.

No color, no shape – strange creatures …

Let me concentrate on my eggs … that’s the last one, I guess.

Puf! I need a rest … a little sleep in the sun … nice and warm … great spot here …

Pity there’s not much to eat. No wasps, no flies, too early for mosquitos …. not even an older sister – I would like to have a bite of dragonfly now …. pity …. I have to go back to the fields again. Too hungry to stay.

Ok, let’s go. Maybe I’ll see my prince … I’d like to have a little flirt again …

hey, hold on, there’s a fly!



(*This dragonfly fantasy was inspired by the visit of Mr Ricardo Costa, who is an excellent photographer of all kinds of beauties like dragon- and butterflies. He and his wife were our guests, and during the visit he presented me with *this gorgeous photo. The real one is much better – I am not such a good photographer, nor is my smartphone.)