Excuse me! You forgot your child!

Thirty eight thousand children who can not go on vacation in the Netherlands alone.
I had no idea.

I received an email from one of our mediators. I have written a guest blog for them a few months ago, fun to do.

Like many companies today, they are giving back.  “Giving back” means spending a little of your time, energy and income to charity. Not only Bill Gates gives back, not just Oprah has a foundation, many companies and even small businesses do it.
It’s very 2017.



The idea of the owners of the vacation-rental-site was to enable “forgotten” children to go on a holiday. Who are forgotten children? They’re living in special homes because they can no longer live at home with their families, for whatever reason.

A holiday for everyone

“We at heerlijkehuisjes.nl say that everyone can find their ideal holiday with us, whether it is a basic chalet or a luxury villa. However, we realize that there are many people, especially children, for whom going on holiday is not so obvious at all. There are plenty of children who can’t or have never been on holiday, so what is more appropriate than to organize a fully catered weekend away where we can give these kids a bit of holiday fun? With the thought “a holiday everyone” we went to work and we have joined forces to treat these forgotten children.

In the Netherlands, every year approximately 38,000 children stay in sober locations with limited opportunities to enjoy their childhood. Children who are mistreated, abused, neglected, abandoned or have fled from war. The Forgotten Child Foundation (a dutch organization) is dedicated to improving the welfare of these children, because they deserve the same opportunity as children growing up in their own warm and safe families. For these children is the fact that they go on holiday very special. We want to give them this special experience. ”

Ah, who can say no to that!?

What a particularly good cause this is! Whilst we (we of Termas-da-Azenha) are in the business of renting out holidayhouses, and we focus on families, we should certainly join in, in this nice initiative – only we are too far away to offer our village as a location.

Of course we want to participate!

We could not do much else than donate an x amount. Volunteers were also asked to help organize games and serving meals. But that is a bit too far for us …. go up and down 2.300 km  for a few days.

Meanwhile, they realized the first weekend. 27 children enjoyed a weekend full of nice food, dito games and hospitality. Only 37,973 children more to go!

Here is the link to the video with you on YouTube.


If you do not know where your Christmas donation should go – maybe this is a good idea. Certainly, there are comparable initiatives in your country. Google forgotten children, and you get a lot of results!


A very merry Christmas everyone!

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