Design surprise

“Do you have time to unpack something?” asks Judith, as she carefully approaches me in a long loose shirt that serves as a dressing gown. The previous evening their surprise was ruined because of my endless to-do-list. (sorry girls!)

My to-do-list is sometimes longer than the day is

The village is full, there is a festival in Figueira da Foz, and the season is starting now.

Judith came a few days ago, with her new love. She was a surprise already. I did not know her new boyfriend yet, but he seems to be a nice surprise as well. Judith worked as a volunteer in 2014, and belonged almost immediately to the extended Termas family.

Volunteer Emma: again a surprise

She mailed weeks ago that she and her boyfriend Andrew would come then-and-then. Which changed. Which changed again. Which I changed again. And then she came alone.

Andrew remained in the Algarve to make falafel for the tourists. If you want to travel much, sometimes you have to do stuff to earn some money.

It is an art to make falafel

Emma made it for us, and for me she passed with flying colors. When Andrew can make such good falafel, I’d say: guys, all to the Algarve and enjoy!

Those three immediately got along very well, as with my son Broes and a friend of his, Hugo. I did not have to worry about if they had a good time or not. Despite my long to-do lists, I stayed a bit longer after dinner. And during the cleaning and the sweeping, we could catch up.

Great surprise, this unexpected visit!

Months ago, I had bought some beautiful fabric on the market. Didn’t know what to do with it, but that doesn’t matter ….. I had to have it. At home, I spread it out on a couch, to enjoy it when I passed. (It’s a blessing and a curse to have a lot of space, you know. If you have a magnet that attracts stuff, like I have, you must be very careful!)

So, that lay there for months

until Emma saw it. She does something with clothes. She is a designer. Studied in Barcelona for 4 years, and makes amazing things. Look for yourself. (but come back, the story is not finished yet!) Beautiful, isn’t it?

Judith is a designer as well, a bit more technical. She designs and makes all kinds of things. Bags, sweaters, theatre sets, the appearance of coffee makers  – she knits, sews, builds, paints – in short, if there is something to do, she’s in.

Under such circumstances, the Muse only needs to turn her little finger.

Fabric + Emma + Judith + sewing machine =

a design surprise

Saturday I was thrown out – “Watch your step, don’t you dare to have a peek!”

I don’t have any authority at all. I asked Tim, the boyfriend, to take pictures, so at least I could join in this joyful anticipation in retrospect.

It was ready in one day. Amazing.

They had pictures of “the making of” and of the final result. It seems like there are two kimonos, right? But no. It’s very elegantly photoshopped.

This is a unique piece

There is only one of it in the whole world.

Let’s hope that Judith or Emma or both are going to be famous, then my fortune is made.

“What did you say? One hundred thousand? For this unique design? I don’t think so!”

Because, yes, of course such a gorgeous piece will never leave this house again!