Cupsize and electricity

I’m sorry?! Come again?! It was undoubtedly a classic reaction – eyes almost popping out, mouth open, head almost in the screen and a temporary stiffness of the whole body. And then the questions tumble over eachother: how is this possible, I always paid my bills, what’s happening, how is this possible, are they mad or something, this must be a mistake, how is this possible, where are my receipts, and how is this possible??

Sometimes you have a “thing” with the electricity company

Most of the time everything goes fluently, but sometimes there is a thing. For example, if you suddenly receive a bill of seventeen hundred forty five euros en sixteen cents.

Checking the receipts only confirmed what I already knew: I always paid on time.

No other way: I had to go there to ask for an explanation. Calling is no use. It’ll cost you the whole morning, being reconnected to this and that department, and it only makes you unbelievably frustrated.

Without any effect.

And the music inbetween is always awful.

Not a fan. But ok, who is?

I have been there before, at the EDP in Figueira. A neat office with a dark grey rug with five identical desks with five identical men in their mid-thirties in white shirts-with-company-tie behind it.

If you succeed in getting passed the receptionist, you may wait on the red chairs with a view on those company men.


Apparently, the firm’s policy has been changed

as there were this time three identical women in their mid-thirties in dark grey jackets-with-company-tie sitting behind the desks. And so to see, the EDP provides a corporate push-up-bra.

While waiting, I wondered what they did with those men. And if this happened in all the offices in the whole country? With the result, that there is a large group of identical men-with-company-ties looking for another job? And do they have a corporate hairdresser to ensure that all these women have the same hairstyle?

Maybe they are recognized because of their hair on parties.

Like: “Ah! You must be working at the EDP, my niece has exactly a hairstyle like yours.”

Is it possible for a manager to reject someone because of her cup size?

“Sorry madam, you do have the right qualifications, but I will not hire you, you will not fit in our company bra.”

Thank god, it’s my turn

If I go on like this, I get completely caught up in all this nonsense.

The only thing that is important, is the question of the seventeenhundredfortyfiveeurosandsixteencents.

Was this a mistake?

“Made a mistake” is not a thing that is easily admitted by any company whatsoever, but surely not by a bureaucratic one like the EDP. It has been an official government company untill a few years ago, when it was sold and thrown into the free market.

They still carry the burdon of history though, it still is very bureaucratic.

Meaning slow and inefficient.

It took an hour before the pushed-up lady found out that the amount was correct. I did owe the EDP all that. It was because the instalments were much too low during the rest of the year.

Ah, fine! Why not just charge a fixed amount every two months on the basis of consumption in the past? Isn’t that obvious? I have been a customer since 2000.

Yes, well … that was not covered in the corporate training, you could clearly see that

Ok than, what can you do, as an insignificant regular customer who has no choice? You have to swallow it.
I went, with the firm intention to keep a sharp eye on it.

Now, years later, there are some competitors on the market. Finally! They offer a better price and personal service.


In the mean time, I’m customer of

I got the mobile number of Mr Filipe Rodrigues, and I may call him whenever I think it’s necessary. Every month I send in the score, and every month I’m charged for what I use.
They arrange the transfer with the EDP, and you can do everything else online.

No more annoying music, no more endless introductions of not-at-all-interested employees, no more menus.

And goodbye senhoras with your pushup bras!

(I’ll have a look in a while, to see if they changed the policy again. Might be that there will sit seven identical 19-year-olds, size 34, with bleached hair. If you are 20, they have to let you go.
I’m curious. But I’m not paying anymore for it.)