Flexibility – the code word of the modern era

You must be flexible in your relationships, in your work, in relation to your (almost adult) children, your neighbors, your colleagues, your friends, your guests – wherever you come you must spread a flexible attitude.

People are very rigid in that nowadays

You have to stay physically flexible to old age. Very important to avoid those nasty old age ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure. You start moving, running, practising sports of any kind, with a tailor-made training, because that is the extension of “flexible” – custom-made.

Nobody calls it flexible anymore, by the way.


Flex. That’s enough. Anyone knows what you mean

It depends where you are, what the real meaning is.

Is it in the office of an employer, it is likely towards shut-your-mouth-and-do-what-I-want. Are you on the site of a service provider, it is undoubtedly meant, say-the-word-and-we-make-something-beautiful-for-you. There’s the custom-made part.

Flexible word as well

Flex is the name of a travel agency that operated flexible avant la lettre.

We “know” each other for some time. That means, we know of each other’s existence for years already.

On a beautiful day, I received a mail of Rob, the owner, who would be in Portugal and wanted to have a look around here at the Termas.

Our audience is a bitsy different

but you never know – you could always get an enquiry from guests who want something other than a luxury villa or a pompous pousada. Finally, there are plenty of people in the world who really appreciate our creative way of informal hospitality!

Saturday the 13th of February

it would be, around 11 am.

Fine. I’ll make the coffee. For the rest, I could not do nothing because the and the weather gods knew it, and united to make everything awkward. Was it hitherto been quite nice weather for February, Saturday the 13th began in a low-hanging gray fog.

I recognized it. You know him all too well.

Such fog that is here to stay

and from which you feel a delicate shower of very small, but very wet droplets. It is not even falling. It leaks, kind of. Wet air.

How do you call it … woe?

Nothing looks nice. Everything looks completely desolate and a bit smudgy. Thunder and lightning! It better would have rained cats and dogs, better than this horrible piss.

I prepared myself for the worst, hoping that he would honour his business name.

Last week we said goodbye to the second family who came here via Flex. They had stayed at Casa Oliveira for 5 days, and they had been good.

One family kindly left a spontaneous review.



I’m so happy! Thank you!


Location 9     Service 9              Value for money 8       Food 9

Rooms 8      Child Friendly 8      Swimming pool 8

This quinta is ideally situated between the rice fields and is pretty quiet. Several rooms and accommodation with plenty of freedom. Near the beach, climbing fun in the skygarden between enormous pinetrees and a not too busy aquapark. Nice owner who also cooks delicious for you if you like, is not mandatory. Pool quite small but nice to cool off.

Traveled family with older children in July, 2016, from Netherlands