Blog: no more Isis

Isis is no more. It could not go on like this. Too many associations to this name.



Pity, because in 2000 we didn´t have the faintest idea that you could associate anything else than the egyptian godess with this name. Then, we were very enthusiastic about the cottage, pleased that the renovation was done, and very happy with the beautiful mural.


The hand of the Master

Daniela “Jela” Meester created it – it means “master” in dutch, a great name if you’re a painter. She was more than half a year here and has come back a few times to leave even more beautiful stuff behind. The paintings in Casa Africa and a few in the bathhouse on the 1st floor are “made by the master” as well.

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This was the first. Made with a few pastels, some yellow wall paint and varnish. You actually only need little to make something beautiful. At least, if you are a Meester.

Isis or otherwise?

Not a piece of cake to change the name of a holidayhouse. Firstly, we ourselves are very used to it. It’s like with the name of a person – you can´t change just like that. Here in the village everything has a name. If not, you always have to describe where someone should go – you’ll go nuts.

The craziest names

All cottages have a name, of course, but you also have the “adega” – where washing machines are, so called because it was the place where they made the wine at the time of the family Foja Oliveira. We have the “Bunker” – the toilet block for the campsite on the hill, an old water tank. This is named like that because in the old condition it was very much like a bunker, and also because the walls are extremely thick and strong, and it was quite a job to make the whole for the entrance.

We have “The Furnace” – a terrace by the pool where it´s boiling hot in summer,  and the “Fancy Dressingroom” – which seems not so hard to guess: a room with all kinds of costumes, hats, wigs, glasses, high heels and cowboyboots.

Secondly, there´s a whole circle of people who come back regularly, and who are also used to these names. And if a holidayhouse changes of name, we must warn all mediators, otherwise we´ll get misunderstandings or errors with bookings. So it is really not just anything.

Nothing to do with Isis

But yeah, that whole thing with those guys from Isis is so unsavory, that you don´t want to associate them with your holidays. I myself would not book a holidayhouse with that name.

Hence, we just did it.

To our question we got a lot of responses – a.o. Osiris, Aset, Laranja, Borboleta – someone even came up with “Cottage Crisis”. Joke of a former volunteer. Thanks for the help, everyone!

The new name came from an unexpected source, an old friend who I haven´t seen for 15 years. He came up with “Casa Pomarinho”. Amazing in its simplicity.

“Pomar” means orchard, and the house looks out over the orchard. Portuguese do very much with “inho”, meaning “little so-and-so” in english.

So now it is called Cottage Little Orchard – Casa Pomarinho.

It can be booked as such! Just look at the presentation on the website …. Obrigadinho!

It is certainly allowed to multiply or to share this blog. Very happy with a link to our site!

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