Best kitchen aid ever

I have no stress in the kitchen. Not for years already. No matter how big the dinner group is, it is no problem. I have got the best kitchen aid, ever invented.

And even without a plug

I cook applesauce in it, rice, soup, and stew. Everything remains hot for hours. When dinner is postponed, whatever the reason – put it in there, and it stays good.

I say: a hay box in every household!

Mine is indeed filled with hay, but that is obviously not necessary. An old duvet is equally good. It is about the box. The model is important. Not too big, not too small.

Once upon a time

we were going to sail on the inland waterways of France. The oldest son was only three months old, and we went with an old motorboat to the south for a year.

It was quite an adventure, as new unexperienced parents with a baby on a boat – I didn’t have much experience as a captain as well. I did obtain a license, so in theory I could stear a boat. Such things you don’t do completely unprepared.

When we got up at another lock (number 243 and counting), I suddenly saw it.

In front of the lock keeper’s cottage. In between two sloppy men. He winked at me. I mean the box.

We barked at the quay after the lock, and I went off to the sloppy men.

“Bonjour!” I smiled, and immediately saw that the box was an indispensable part of these men’s daily lives. Their bottle of wine and their glasses were on it, and it was snuggled inbetween two equally sloppy chairs. The chairs looked like as if the men also slept in them.

“Bonjour! C’est un bateau spécial, ça!” said the thinnest of the two in a raw voice, and I saw my chance. “Ah, oui, très spécial. Et cette caisse, c’est spéciale aussi!”

Not the best way to negotiate

it soon became clear, because those two drunks saw their chance as well, and they haggled if their lives depended on it.

Now I’m not such a good negotiator, so it was a quick process. 100 guilders for a stunning, real oak box. Yes, yes. Real oak, your grandmother you mean – but hey, I wanted it, and I got it.

On the boat it immediately served as a hay box and as an extra seat for visitors. Where we got the hay from I don’t remember, but that wouldn’t have been so difficult, end of the summer in the countryside. And from the beginning I thought it was a first class gain.

A winner

Over the years I learned to cook with it. He went with us to Portugal. Because of that one wink, we have been together for 25 years now. The family has broken up, but the relationship with the hay box is stable and firm.

The best food processor you can think of

If your partner will be later, because of a “prolonged meeting, quite annoying, really can’t help it, do you get the kids, I will be just in time for dinner …. yes, I know it’s my turn, but this is not in my power … I’ll be on time …  I think …” – then you put your pasta with sauce in the hay box, and you drink a glass while you wait until dinner time. Relaxed.

If you want a stew like your grandmother’s, but you do not dare to leave the pan on the stove all day (even if it’s on low heat) when no one is home. Then you roast the meat the night before, leave it in the hay box for the night, you take it out with breakfast to heat it up nicely, and put it back for the whole day.

In the evening you feast on a delicious tender stew

If you want a nice dry rice, you have to know how much water to put! If you know, put rice + water in a pan, let the water cook, stirr, and put it in the haybox. After less then an hour you will have perfect dry rice.

Little effort, big results.

And mine still serves as an extra seat. Everybody always gathers in the kitchen.

( “Lift your butt please, so I can get the soup from the hay box?”)