Authentical holidays

Hard to find: authenticity

Especially when you go on vacation. Everywhere you see the same box springs, fancy wardrobes, walk-in showers, infinity pools – all that luxury if your couple of weeks holiday are under the obligation to be super and special.
Usually it is appreciated by people who don’t have those things at home, people who don’t want to be bothered with anything or people who work at least 80 hours per week.

Seen one, seen them all

You have no idea where you are, if you are in that room / that house / that B & B. Can be Turkey, can be in the middle of the Apennines, somewhere in Portugal or in Vietnam. All the same box springs / walk-in pools / infinite wardrobes / fancy showers etc.

Holiday was invented to rest. Just nothing. Not the daily routine, not the running and trotting, not what you always do. Vacation is to do what you like the most.

Vacation does not mean you will necessarily go abroad or that you must spend thousands of euros. Vacation means time to get together, relax and come back to yourself and do the things you do not accrue to during the rest of the year.


And enjoy to stare into the blue air for half an hour

We need holidays. Our mind recharges itself during a holiday and we get to be more productive. And creative. Science says.

It’s even best to go on a holiday regularly. Kind of like with eating. It is now advised not to eat a large meal 3 times per day, but more like 6 times per day a little bit.
So: not just a summer vacation, but also a getaway a few times per year.

Sometimes there are guests here, and I secretly think: Man, what a job! Every day away, the entire day, they have to “do” all the sights in the whole area. And they also have to go climbing, shopping and canoeing. Hurry, hurry, still so much to be done!

You are already tired when you look at it

Now everyone certainly should do what makes him or her happy, but I have have the distinct feeling that this is not the case. There must be fun, experiences, thrills, stories to tell at home. They have to put their pictures on Facebook to prove that it is all superb, amazing, what a thrill!

And sometimes there are guests, of whom I secretly think: yeah …. nice …. so, one gets up early to enjoy the morning silence, the other is sleeping long. Breakfast at the pastelaria, a walk through the hills. Sit on the patio to read a book. Play a game of chess on the terrace. Go by train to Coimbra, strolling through the city.

Thought this was a good tip: when you’re somewhere, ask in a small shop if they know a nice restaurant nearby.

Do they speak portuguese, these guys? Of course not. Not necessary. If you want to understand each other, it always goes well. And Portuguese are very sweet people generally.

These guests had a very relaxing vacation. I thought. And they have been authentically in Portugal.