A course in painting

Wil van der Linden started as a teacher in all kinds of artwork.


“That means you can knit, crochet, sew …” “lace-making, macrame … yes, all of the above and more” adds Wil. “I was a teacher, but after a few years I started to take up the painting and trained myself professionally.”
Drawing, painting, graphic work and art appreciation – paid and voluntary (that is the passion that speaks!).


We are talking 50 years of experience!

Louise Bramer is also a professional artist and teacher, specialized in painting of portraits, both on assignment and as a short-drawing at events.


Louise and Wil have been colleagues for over 30 years, are well informed about each other’s way of working and complement each other very well.
Wil went for the first time last summer in the Termas-da-Azenha, with her daughter and grandsons. Her son lives not far from here, in Coimbra. That was one of the reasons, but the mosaics were a good second. They had a great time, and talking we came up with this idea.


A painting holiday in Termas-da-Azenha is a special experience It is an ideal combination of nature and culture – amidst the fields and forests, not far from the beach, and not far from the old university city of Coimbra.

We are inspired by the beautiful surroundings: green fields, characteristic trees, everywhere flowers, birds singing, crickets chirping, the lovely portuguese language, starry skies at night, sunbeams during the day.
The creative environment is fully involved: the large mosaics everywhere in the Termas-da-Azenha are generally very inspiring!

When? The data

From Monday 13 to Monday 20 May. When there are a lot of people interested, we organize another week, from 21 to 28 May.
The most beautiful time of the year in these parts of Portugal: spring, everything beautiful green, and not very hot. Many birds, lots of flowers, wonderful smells, beautiful views, ditto landscapes, not far from the beach and also not from Coimbra. You can take the train there.

The registration runs until 13 April 2019.


What’s in it? And what is not?

The Mondays are the travel days. Below you will find some information with which airlines you can best fly, and from where. When you have booked, we will send you an exact itinerary of the moment you get off the plane until you get off the train in Bifurçação de Lares (the train station near the Termas-da-Azenha).
Your travel costs are not included, as is the material and your extras such as cookies or glasses of wine.
Your stay, meals, supervision and basic material is there.

An impression:
You book with Vueling and come by train to the Termas-da-Azenha. I’ll pick you up at the train station.
You arrive, you install yourself in your room / your house / your tent, and you have a nice welcome drink.
You get to know the whole group, and you enjoy your first dinner.
The next day after breakfast you get to work, you take your drawing board with you, and you buy your first sheet of paper. * You notice that you have a wrong pencil, so you buy one from Wil or Louise. At lunchtime you discuss the work, you get tips from each other, while Wil and Louise always keep a discreet and professional eye on your progress.
Dinner is probably served outside, there is also a glass of wine.
And after that it is “free play”.


For who is it?

It becomes a mixed group: both beginners and advanced. Every participant can count on individual coaching.
The students of Wil and Louise belong to the last group, and already know how to beat the whip.
If you are a beginner, you can learn a lot. How to assess, tension, use your paper; how to mix your paints; how to watch; how you set up your work.
You learn sketches, perspective and how to make any shade with the 3 primary colors you want.
Those 3 colors are: cobalt blue, magenta and primary yellow. Wil wants to take ultramarine for the security, roasted umber, sap green (the green of the fields in front of you), and of course white.
No black?
“No, black is a hole in your painting, you make black yourself by mixing certain colors.”

Now it is not the intention that in this week you make one painting that you have framed at home to hang over your mantelpiece. You will do much more work; learning to paint is doing, learning to watch, and above all: having a lot of fun doing it. Each work is a voyage of discovery for the maker, where obstacles are taken, thought about how now further and choices are made.

The group

Everyone can participate, from 18 to 88. A mixed group of max. 12 people.
At 6 it goes through, if there are no 6 registrations before 13 April, you get your money back.
(At the time of publishing there are already 5 participants).

You will receive a confirmation of payment by mail.


Termas-da-Azenha – what is it? Where is that?

Termas-da-azenha is an old spa, right between Lisbon and Porto, not far from the coast. We
have come to live here about 20 years ago, and in that time the village has been refurbished and we
especially made many large mosaics.

You can have your own room (with private bathroom), or a room in a house. The latter means that you share the house and bathroom with another participant. You obviously all have your own bedroom. You can also opt for the camping option. We have 2 tents, which we offer furnished, but if you want to bring your own tent: you only need to bring your sleeping needs, because it is full board. And if you want a drink / cup of coffee or tea, that is of course no problem.

What are the costs then?

The prices below are per person and include vegetarian meals. There are max. 12 participants. Students through Wil and Louise receive a 15% discount (on option A and B)!
A course week starts on the day of arrival after 14:00 and ends on the day of departure after breakfast.

A / stay in a single room:                      € 590, – 
B / stay in a double room:                    € 490, – 
C / camping in an Azenha tent:            € 390, – 
D / camping in your own tent:              € 325, – 


Another surprise!

We offer 5% early booking discount if you book before 28 February 2019. That is not only beneficial your course fee, but also for the price of your flight ticket! After all: the earlier you book, how cheaper you come out. (can not be combined with other discount)

Portugal is known as the safest, most pleasant country in Europe!

Fly to Lisbon or Porto, it doesn’t matter that much. Termas-da-Azenha is almost exactly in the middle. We tell you exactly what to do from the moment you get off the plane until the moment you step out of the train. Portuguese are a very friendly people, and are happy to help you if you do not know.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I have to bring along? Is there a list of materials?
Yes, Wil and Louise provide a list of materials, listing the things that you really need to have, and the things that you might have. Of course, the teachers take care of the paper (a nice thick quality that you can use for both watercolor and acrylic) and pencils.
I have a lactose intolerance. Is that a problem?
If you have this, or an allergy (think of peanuts!) or you really dislike some food very much, then it is a good idea to mention that at your registration.
I do not have any experience, but I would like to learn how to paint. Is this a good idea?
Then this is the best idea! As you have already read above, Wil and Louise are specialized in learning to draw, sketch, look and paint.
And what if I booked and in the end I can’t? How is your refund policy?
In case of a cancellation until 13 March you will get everything back, minus 10, – administration costs.
With a cancellation from 13 March to 13 April, this is 75%.
Furthermore, it depends on the situation. If you suddenly break your leg the day before departure, that is a very good reason. If you have a cold, that’s different. If you don’t you feel like it after all, sorry, then not. But if you’re suddenly in the middle of a divorce, well … then we can imagine that you’re not really in the mood to look at beautiful landscapes. (although it could be a nice diversion …)