Organic vegetable garden

It’s heavy soil. Not so easy to do something with that. The agricultoras in the area don’t worry about it. They drive happily on their fields with their big tractors with all kinds of handy sharp instruments attached to it.

A whatnow?

Our hoe – the instrument of the traditional portuguese farmer – is nothing compared to that. It’s possible to work the land with a hoe, they’ve proved it. It might be enough, if you like it a lot. We managed to make a gooseberry plantation:

But it’s hard labour.

My sister and her husband started our garden, a long time ago. It looked beautiful, professional, with beenstalks and strawberry beds and hardened off basil.

Undoable to continue. Alas. I learned a lot about a vegetable garden, and the most important observation is, that when it’s your garden, you yourself have to work in it.Every day.
All the time a different
chef – it’s a recipe for disaster. Or worse still – if people say they know everything about a vegetable garden, but just as well shovel your precious rhubarb plants on the compost heap.

Hundred and seventy five

Or the experienced hobby gardener who suddenly reported there were 175 endive plants ready to harvest. Beg pardon?
If you are an experienced gardener and you’re reading this, you are flabbergasted, aren’t you? That mistake you make one (1) time, when you are a beginner. After handling the consequences, you know better.

We tried to handle it. Bought a freezer of 75 litres to put the stuff in. The freezer came in handy, because if you say vegetable garden, you say abundance.

When the next volunteer was caught lying on her back smoking a cigarette in an otherwise almost empty garden (no weeds, but also no veggies), it was enough.


Over and done with, can’t deal with it anymore. All that trouble for a freezer full of stuff, that I couldn’t identify at the end of the year …. what are we doing?
During the season, you can buy all the fruit and greens you want on the market. Those old ladies know exactly what they’re doing, and they don’t use any fertilizers or poison. It is, in fact, organically grown, and cheap. So, yes, what are we doing?

But the absence is confronting. It’s so easy: “I’ll go to the garden and get some lettuce, just a sec!”

The herbs were already next to the kitchen. Basil, celery, rosemary, thyme, sage, chives, koriander, parsley – just go outside with the special Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife 5 Layer Herb Spice Multiple Blade ES (yeahyeah) and cut some.

From now on we have a brilliant garden, if you ask me. Behind the kitchen. The previous owner had once paved it with those nice big typical Portuguese boulders. Only one side flat.

A bit of hard labour again, but with good assistance, we succeeded to make it operable. (*)

An ideal concept

We just remove a few of those boulders. The idea is that the plants grow anyway, as they stand in tasty nutritious loose soil with their little roots. For the rest, they couldn’t care less. If they get food and water from time to time … then it will be allright.

No risk of cat pee, no hassle with weeds, not affected by erosion or dehydration. In theory it is quite ideal.


So, than this will be on the worklist of the volunteers:
– Watering (everywhere)
– Empty the biobucket
– Sweep the vegetable garden



(*) Special appearance: Iracema Genecco, who volunteered to do the basics of our new-concept veggie-garden.