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Godinho Relaxed walking in an attractive environment. The landscape of Mid-Portugal is very varied. Eucalyptushills and riverdelta´s alternate, while the sandy coastline is waiting around the corner. The dunes and cliffs, fossiles and footsteps of dinosaurs, rocks and deserted beaches are wild, interesting and mellow. A bit further inland you find some hilly countryside mountainvillages, very petite and isolated. Nobody lives there anymore, but you get a good picture of life like it used to be.

The area around us is very special: a ricefieldvalley,and further on, direction coast, a valley with saltfields. Connaisseurs of flora and fauna are at the right place here. You can see birds of prey, lots of storks, herons, kingfishers, hoopoes.
At the mouth of the river the Mondego, they still make salt traditionally, and in this swamplike area you can see many storks and even flamingos.

Serra da Boa Viagem

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Accommodation and food

Termas da Azenha is an old thermal complex. The complex is being restored in a very artistic and original way and you can say that it is a little village on it’s own.
You will stay in a hotelroom. These rooms have lovely wall paintings and original mosaic, and will make your stay even more pleasing. Moreover, all the rooms are unique.
Click here if you would like to have a look the accomodation.
Vegetables and fruits are mostly taken from our own garden. The garden is maintained in a biological way and therefore are it’s fruits very tasteful. Concerning the meals, we serve different meals every day and you can tell us if you would like to have a meat, fish or vegetarian meal. The café is opened every day from 16:00 – 22:00 h.


The level of the walks differs from light to medium. The walks last 4 up to 6 hours and the high-levels are limited.


7-day holiday
Off season (01.01 – 29.04 / 01.11 – 31.12) € 399,-
Main season (01.05 – 31.10) € 450,-

In a hotel room for two, fullboard, 5 walks

If you would like to reserve, please send an e-mail to
and to pay 50% of the total sum
postbank 13 45 751
MeioGordo Act.Tur. Lda.
IBAN: NL57PSTB000 13 45 751

fax & tel: 00351 239 508 493          cellphone: 00351 916 589 145

  • Flight-ticket is not included

You compose your own programme. At the reception you can find attractive maps with several walkings in the surroundings of Termas da Azenha. We also have a map with other destinations (then you need a car).

In case you would like to combine walking tours and daytrips, it is possible to rent a car. The thermal spa is not operative yet, but you can take a bath. We also offer several massages like relaxing massage, foot reflex massage, hotstone, shiatsu and colour therapy. For more information, click here.

A selection of the offered walks

  • Seiça
    This walk leads to a centuries old convent.  You can admire storks, birds of prey, kingfishers, dark red langoustines, orchids and you can smell the eucalyptus trees. The walk has minimal high levels.
  • Louriçal
    If you walk this trip on Sunday you can combine it very well with a typical Portuguese market. After you visited the market you walk back to the Termas. This walk takes about 3 or 4 hours.
  • Coimbra
    This walk crosses the university-city Coimbra. This day you can visit an ancient library, the musea, the cathedral, old churches, the market, the shopping malls and of course all the little shops and lanes.
  • Serra de Boa Viagem
    Northward from the sea-city Figueira da Foz you can find the relatively low mountains: “Serra de Boa Viagem”. It is a lovely nature area near the sea with impressive cliffs.This is a finding- place of fossils and footsteps of dinasaurs. If you look carefully you can find fossils by yourself.
  • Buçaco
    Drive to Luso, with an old spa-resort, and on your way to the ancient woods of Buçaco. There is a  castle as well, built for king Manuel,  rebuilt  as “Pousada”, a luxurious hotel*****. In the surrounding of this this very attractive botanic garden you can make several beautiful walks. (for this tour you need your own car.)
  • Lousã, walk in the mountains and end in an old castle. Climb about 400 meters. Once your are on top you will experience a beautiful view. (for this tour you need your own car.)

Termas da Azenha – Rua João Henriques Foja Oliveira – Vinha da Rainha – 3130-434 Soure Canteiros – E.M. 521 – GPS: 40º 4´49″ N 8º 44´30″ W